Sunday 11th December 3pm BFG film matinee


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Village Hall Autumn Events

autumn events

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Thornham –> 21st Century

You thought it would never happen and for many years it has held a lot of us back and caused a LOT of frustration but FINALLY…. you can upgrade to fast broadband in Thornham Magna!! I’d suggest you login to (or call)  your internet provider right now and order that upgrade! Prices will vary but it’s a relatively modest price increase for most (perhaps £6-£10 per month extra).

The technology we have is called FTTC – Fibre to the Cabinet. What this means is that the fibre connection terminates on the A140 near the White Horse and the last mile or so is good old fashioned copper. This limits speed and means you won’t hit headline speeds BUT you’ll be jumping from a around 2mpbs to 25 mpbs (download) on average. I think we’re guaranteed around 20mpbs which is plenty fast enough to stream TV services for example. We may see speeds approaching 30+mpbs on a good day! Upload speeds should be around 6mbps which again is a massive increase on our current <0.5mbps! Most people don’t do much uploading though so it isn’t of huge importance to most of you unless you use services like Apple’s iCloud for your photos.

As always, your actual speeds will vary according to the copper pair you’re on, the distance to the cabinet and the equipment you use.

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Connecting Communities – local transport service starts 13th June 2016

Find out more from

Connecting Communities

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Your village hall needs you!

recruitment  poster

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Music in Thornham Parva

Book now for a great concert coming up on Sunday May 8th! The sound in Thornham Parva church is near perfect for music-making of this kind. Tickets are £15 but it is free for children and full-time students. See below, or visit for more details.MDD


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Thorndon Community Shop


run by the Community for the Community

Tel : 01379 678291

The shop is open 7 days a week

Mon- Fri 8am – 4pm

Sat 8 am – 12 noon

Sun 8.30 – 12 noon 

Credit and debit cards accepted with NO minimum spend 

ThorndonShop Continue reading

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Draft Minutes 29th October 2013

The draft minutes from the July 24th meeting of the Village Hall Trustees are now available here.

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