Leave No Trace Friday 25th January

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Parish Hall Trustees: Draft Minutes 29.09.18

Draft minutes of the meeting of 29th September 2018 can be found here

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News & Results 2018 – Final Weekends of 8/9/18 & 15/9/18

News & Results – 2018 – Final Weekends of 8/9/18 & 15/9/18

 Firstly, I must apologise for my recent lack of enthusiasm, but my mind and body have been occupied elsewhere for the past few weeks – thank goodness you might say???

However, I am now back in the saddle to enlighten those of you who may be uninformed, what exactly happened during those final weekends.

Saturday 8/9/18

As our illustrious Groundsman and long serving member – Laurie Crick, is currently holding the office of President Elect of the Stowmarket League, it was Thornham Magna’s duty to stage the Stowmarket League Semi Finals Day – held on Saturday 8th September.

Not only was this a privilege for the club to hold this event, we also had considerable interest and high hopes of winning the Victor LeDorum trophy.

Members taking part in these Semi Final were;-

Brenda Hunt & Maureen Lummis …………………………………………..Ladies Pairs

Maureen Lummis, Laurie Crick & Keith Crabbe ……………………….Senior Triples.

Laurie Crick …………………………………………………………………………….2Wood Singles.

Keith Crabbe …………………………………………………………………………..2Wood Singles.

Keith Crabbe & Maureen Lummis……………………………………………….Mixed Pairs.

Unfortunately, the only success we had was in the Senior Triples – and that was as a result of their opponents dropping out! However, they did go through to the Final’s on the Sunday at Stanton and won. So well done Mo, Kip & Laurie – Stow League Senior Triples Champions 2018.


The whole day ran smoothly and efficiently, resulting in kind comments from visiting teams and officials – all credit to Mads and her band of helpers and of course not forgetting the few who helped during the previous week preparing the club for such an occasion.


Saturday 15/9/18

Then a big leap to the following Saturday 15th September for our own Final’s Day, followed by the Helen Crick Bowl.

Just one final not played on that day and that was the Ladies 2Wood Singles between Jan Adams and Maureen Lummis. They played during the previous week with Jan coming out on top and is Club Ladies 2Wood Champion 2018.

The winners on the day;-

Ladies George Clarke………………Moira Cogdell

Mens George Clarke……………… Alan Roberts

Mixed 4Wood…………………………Colin Emans

Mens 2Wood………………………… Alan Roberts



A spot of Bangers & Mash with all the trimmings, then straight into the Helen Crick Bowl competition. As for the Spider – I haven’t the faintest idea who won that??? However, the whole day was once again – a tremendous success! Wonderful food throughout the event and a good raffle – a big thank you to members for the prizes!

Now, what else was there?? Oh yes, the winner of the Helen Crick Bowl;-

Colin Emans

I can’t help feeling that Colin totalled up the shots against instead of for!!!

Sunday 16/9/18

As a result of Bramford pulling out of the Marie Curie Semi-final’s, we found ourselves suddenly into the County Final, to be played at Thurlton, near Great Yarmouth. Our opponents, Kessingland – with the infamous Jimmy Summons!

The match started off fairly even, with 2 rinks winning the first 2 ends and 2 rinks losing the first 2 – 11-8 to Thornham!

At 12 ends, Thornham still had their noses in front with Alan, Andy & David at 15-7, Brenda, Phil & Laurie at 15-16, Joy, Bob & Mel at 5-15 and Mo, Ann & Kip at 15-7. Thornham on top at 50 shots to 45.

It then all went a little “pear shaped” with Kip’s rink getting stuck on 18 for 10 ends, Mel’s rink stuck on 11 for 7 ends, Laurie’s rink stuck on 15 for 6 ends and David’s rink just battled on to win by 8 shots, losing overall by 23 shots.

No excuses, I guess we were beaten by the better team on the day – so congratulations to Kessingland! And well done to Thornham Magna for reaching the Final.





And a big thank you to the Thurlton Bowls Club for providing an excellent green and tasty refreshments after the match!And a reminder of the 2018 Monday League 2 Winners

Finally, a reminder about the Monday Division 2 League Champions 2018. (some missing)

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News & Results 2018 – Week 18 (20/8/18 to 26/8/18).

NEWS & RESULTS – 2018 – Week 18 (20/8/18 to 26/8/18)

Not the best of finishes to the league season, with 3 games in the Stowmarket league and 3 defeats. However, the Upper Waveney team came to the rescue and finished on a high note by playing 2 games and 2 notable wins.

The Afternoon A. team played their final game away at Ixworth, who at that stage had only won 1 game throughout the season and lying comfortably at the bottom of the league. This has got to be a walk-over surely?? By the 9th end, the forecast looked promising with Bob, Moira & Colin down by 3 shots and Geoff, Jan & Alan up by 19 shots – what could possibly go wrong?? By the 15th end, Colin’s rink slid down further to 14 down with Alan’s rink climbing a little to 21 shots up – still 7 shots clear! Going into the final end we were 3 shots clear, after leading all the way, and who should drop a 3 – Geoff, Jan & Alan!!! Who could do nothing but stand and watch Moira, who by now was skip, battle to save the match. And Moira was brilliant with all 3 woods, twice taking shot from 3 down. Then their skip bowled his final wood which wicked off a stray wood and rolled in for GAME SHOT – yuck!!!

Sorry about all that – I just thought you ought to know! Not quite so dramatic for the B. team, although Glyn, Chris & Mike did come out with all guns blaze and scored a 3 then a 6 on the first 2 ends to be 9-0 up. It then all simmered down and they won by 4 shots and 2 points. Barry, Sheila & Ray, other than winning the first end, were never in the game and took a bit of a kicking. Never mind, we have all been there this season – it can only get better next year!

The last of the Wednesday fixtures didn’t go our way either – perhaps we are getting tired??? Just ½ point and that was only just. Bob, Moira & Colin led for most of the way and went into the final end with a chance of a point – but dropped a 2 to hang on to a draw! David, Glyn & Andie only won 6 ends, but 2 ends were 5’s, plus a 4 and a 3 – hence, they only lost by 4 shots. Similarly, Brenda, Jan & Laurie won only 6 ends, but they included a 7 and a 6 and they only lost by 4 shots. As for John, Trish & Alan, they couldn’t get their act together at all – yes, we must be getting tired!!

It’s a different story for the Upper Waveney team who have suddenly come alive with 2 great wins. First, a trip to Beeches on the Thursday and with their tails up, they came away with 6 points. Joy, Nige & Mel won the majority of ends – including a 6! But their opponents had a 4 and several 3’s which made the difference – but only lost by 3 shots! The other 3 rinks were all very similar and nowhere did any of them look like losing.

The next day, Thornham entertained Long Stratton and put on another good show. Bob, Ann & Colin had a bad start and were 1-10 down after 8 ends. The tide then turned a little and they held their own by reducing the difference and finished 7 shots down. Joy, Trish & Mel kept a tight game and salvaged ½ point by winning the final 2 ends. Brenda, David & Ivan were never in trouble and were 20-8 up going into the final end and they dropped a 5 – just teasing I suppose??? Mike, Geoff & Laurie took the honours with a big 31 score, including 2 x 4’s a 5 and a 6. Well done to all!

And well done to all teams, whether winners or losers, after a very full season. You should all be very proud to be part of the Thornham Magna Bowls Club – especially wearing those pretty shirts – you all look so lovely!!!

Sorry David Lister, I seem to have run out of ink, so I can’t mention about our 4Wood Pair’s game when I forgot to bowl one of my woods. Never mind – maybe next time???


Stowmarket Afternoon League

21/8/18 – Ixworth 39 (5 points) v Thornham Magna A. 38 (2 points).

B Clayton, M Cogdell, C Emans. 10-26.

G Gurnett, J Adams, A Roberts. 28-13.


21/8/18 – Thornham Magna B. 26 (2 points) v St Botolphs 45 (5 points).

G Owens, C Manning, M Ling. 19-15.

B Paul, S Waterman, R Waterman. 7-30.


Stowmarket Triples League.

22/8/18 – Thornham Magna 62 ( ½ point) v Gipping Valley 84 (6 ½ points).

D Roberts, G Owens, P Cutting. 19-23.

B Clayton, M Cogdell, C Emans. 16-16.

B Hunt, J Adams, L Crick. 17-23.

J Blake, T Emans, A Roberts. 10-22.


Upper Waveney Triples

23/8/18 – Beeches 49 (1 point) v Thornham Magna 85 (6 points).

M Porter, G Gurnett, L Crick. 22-11.

J Norman, N Thomas, M Norman. 17-20.

B Hunt, D Lister, I Doe. 22-8.

M Ling, A Lister, C Emans. 24-10.


24/8/18 – Thornham Magna 79 (5 ½ points) v Long Sratton 61 (1 ½ points).

B Hunt, D Lister, I Doe. 20-13.

M Porter, G Gurnett, L Crick.

B Kilbey, A Lister, C Emans. 10-17.

J Norman, T Emans, M Norman. 18-18.


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News & Results 2018 – Week 17 (13/8/18 to 19/8/18)

NEWS & RESULTS – 2018 – Week 17 (13/8/18 to 19/8/18)

Dom – dom – dedom – dom – dedom – dedom – dedom!!! Oh my word – 1 win from 7 games??? Never mind boys and girls, the season is nearly over – with the leagues that is! And to be quite honest, we haven’t done too bad overall, and most important, with so many matches in a short period, we have all worked very hard to support the Captain’s and not once have we turned up without a full team. That deserves a pat on the back for everyone – surely?

We started the week on Monday with a re-arranged game at Bildeston for the Wednesday Triples team and tired limbs weakened under the strain of a larger green – and possibly better players of course!! Ivan, Trish & Kipp saved a few blushes with a good win after a bad start. David, Glyn & Andie were always behind and were 7-20 down at the 15th, but did come back winning the final 3 ends to lose by 8 shots and won their share of ends. Without mentioning names, it was a case of double oops for both the other rinks who only won 8 ends between them – it brings tears to my eyes to think about going into any details!!!

With all that in mind, the Afternoon A. team entertained Bildeston at home and gathered a much deeded 7 points and in fact – the only win of the week!! Grayham, Jan & Alan were never in trouble throughout the game and won all 9 ends of the second half. Bob, Moira & Colin had a very close game, but never managed to get their noses in front all the way until the most important – last end!

The B. team had a bye on the Tuesday, but they did play a re-arranged game on the Thursday away at Needham Market and came away with a well-earned 2 points. Barry, Nige Glyn got away well to be 4-0 up after 3 ends, but soon lost that lead and trailed for the remainder of the game. Mads, Chris & Paul had a closer battle and went into the final end at 16-16. Apparently, it was one of Maddie’s wood that stole their game – so well done Maddie!

The next game, the Thurlow Shield Semi-final, was played at Old Newton against Bildeston again. A game we really wanted to win and considering what happened the day before, playing against much the same team – it all seemed quite straight forward! Sadly, Bildeston didn’t think that way at all! Alan, Trish & Colin just couldn’t settle down and were 3-14 down by the 8th end. Colin & Trish changed around and that did the trick and galloped away to win by 5 shots. Geoff, Mo & Laurie never got a look in and crashed out by 15 shots. There’s always next year!!!

That evening, the Wednesday Triples team paid a visit to Walsham Le Willows with the intension of gaining a few needed points. The way the match was going; those few needed points were almost in the bag. However, on the final end, 3 Thornham rinks dropped 11 shots between them and the match swung dramatically in Walsham’s favour for them to win the match. Bob, Moira & Colin did pick up 2 shots to draw and John, Alan & Kipp led all the way for a point – but they were one of the rinks that dropped a 4 on the last end!! Brenda, Jan & Laurie kept close and managed a 5 at the 17th to go 1 ahead, and then blow me – they also dropped a 4 on the next end. Another close game was that of David, Glyn & Andie who were 17-17 at the 17th, and yes, you guessed – they dropped a 3 to lose by 3! So we cried all the way home with just 1 ½ points in the kitty.

On the Friday, the Afternoon A. team played a re-arranged game against the Rookery at home and that didn’t turn out quite as expected, especially as we beat them 7-0 on the ground earlier in the year. Geoff, Moira & Alan struggled somewhat and only managed to win 7 ends, but a 7 early on kept the game close and it finished with a draw. Geoff, Trish & Colin looked to be holding their own and they were 10-6 up at half way. It then all went a bit wrong and they gathered just 3 shots over the next 9 ends and lost by 10 shots – so Thornham managed just ½ point!!!

In the evening, yet another re-arranged game, this time for the Upper Waveney team at home against Connaught. I am not too sure what to say about this match – lots of star players that didn’t shine on the night! Mike, David & Colin did the best by only losing by 4 shots. They also won the most ends, but their opponents managed a 6 at the 7th – which was the deciding punch! After dropping a 7 at the second end, Brenda, Ann & Kipp were 0-9 down at 3 ends. That set the pattern for the game and they won only 5 ends. The rinks of Brenda, Ann & Laurie and Phil, Mo & Mel, had similar games and unable to make any impression.

The final week of league bowls coming up – let’s hope we can go out with a bang???


Stowmarket 2wood League

Season over – no more fixtures.


Stowmarket Afternoon League

14/8/18 – Thornham Magna A. 38 (7 points) v Bildeston 18 (0 points).

B Clayton, M Cogdell, C Emans. 13-12.

G Hawkes, J Adams, A Roberts. 25-6.


14/8/18 – Thornham Magna B.   – Bye.


16/8/18 – Needham Market B. 32 (5 points) v Thornham Magna B. 28 (2 points).

M Crick, C Manning, P Moore. 17-16.

B Paul, N Thomas, G Owens. 11-16.


17/8/18 – Thornham Magna A. 28 ( ½ point) v Rookery 38 (6½ points).

G Hawkes, T Emans, C Emans. 12-22.

G Gurnett, M Cogdell, A Roberts. 16-16.


Stowmarket Triples League.

13/8/18 – Bildeston 105 (6 points) v Thornham Magna 40 (1 point).

I Doe, T Emans, K Crabbe. 17-11.

D Roberts, G Owens, A Hails. 12-20.

B Clayton, M Cogdell, C Emans. 6-41.

B Hunt, M Lummis, L Crick. 5-33.


15/8/18 – Walsham Le Willows 73 (5½ points) v Thornham Magna 70 (1½ points).

J Blake, A Roberts, K Crabbe. 16-13.

B Clayton, M Cogdell, C Emans 17-17.

D Roberts, G Owens, A Hails. 17-20.

B Hunt, J Adams, L Crick. 20-23.


Upper Waveney Triples

17/8/18 – Thornham Magna 33 (0 points) v Connaught A. 78 (7 points).

P Cutting, M Lummis, M Norman. 6-19.

B Hunt, A Lister, K Crabbe. 6-25.

J Norman, G Gurnett, L Crick. 10-19.

M Porter, D Lister, C Emans. 11-15.


Thurlow Shield – Semi Final at Old Newton

15/8/18 – Thornham Magna A. 37 lost to Bildeston 47.

G Gurnett, M Lummis, L Crick. 11-26.

A Roberts, T Emans, C Emans. 26-21.


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News & Results 2018 – Week 16 (6/8/18 to 12/8/18)

NEWS & RESULTS – 2018 – Week 16 (6/8/18 to 12/8/18)

 Already League 2 winners, the Monday 2Wood team finished their season with a 5-2 win over Stanton. Brenda, Phil & Laurie led from start to finish, ending with a big enough score to win the match. Another point went to Mo, Andie & Kipp, who had a bit of an “up & down” game and were in a spot of trouble with 2 ends to go. However, they came through with flying colours and took 5 shots on the final 2 ends. Jan, Mads & Colin had a close game all the way and on the final end, they were holding enough to win their game until the opponent skip bowled his last wood and suddenly – 3 down – that’s bowls!!! Mike, Mel & David went straight in winning the first 3 end, but stuck on 5 for 7 ends while the opposition pulled away. It was then a game of catch-up, but not quite making it and stumbling at the last fence!

The Tuesday afternoon match, Thornham Magna A. v Woodfield, a game we needed to win to feel safe in the league and a game we very nearly won right up to the very last wood! As it was exceptionally hot – again!! We decided to cut the game down to 14 ends – hence the low scores! Geoff, Jan & Alan had a good, close game and were always in with a chance until Eddie Hall bowled his woods with devastating effect. However, we stuck with it and finished with a respectable 4 shots deficit – enough to give us a win with Grayham, Moira & Colin doing so well! Going into the final end they were 6 shots up, enough to cover our 4 shots down, but as a result of a sudden change of length – it all went wrong! 5 shots dropped, doubling their opponent’s score in one swoop! Well done anyway – you did get us 2 points!

The Afternoon B. team managed to get 2 points with Barry, Sheila & Ray having a fine win at Mendlesham. In fact, they never looked like losing, holding their opponents on 6 shots for 10 ends to win by 10 shots. As for Georgina, Glyn & John, they never looked like competing, although they did get a 4 at the 11th to be within 5 shots – but that’s as good as it got!!

Better news for the Wednesday Triples team with a good result against Haughley at home, putting them back in contention for the league title with 3 games to play. Top of the shots chart was Bob, Moira & Kipp, winning by a very useful 26 shots – and never once in arrears! Next was John, Trish & Alan winning by 24 shots – and again, never behind! A close third place was Brenda, Jan & Laurie, winning by 13 shots – but they did lose the first end! It was an unusual score line for David, Glyn & Andie who have had a successful season, but on this occasion – could only win 5 ends! Can they do it?? Who knows? Well, I know, because I have seen the results of Monday’s re-arranged game already – but we’ll talk about that next week!!


With the Upper Waveney game being called off due to rain, we move on to Sunday – the Alan Cogdell Bowl Day. Another member who did his bit for the club, always there to give a hand, made several accessories like rink markers, helped on the green when called on, served his time as President of the Stowmarket League, worked tirelessly to try and get an extended lease for the Club and loved by all!

And Moira has done Alan proud by continuing with this competition each year – a chance to keep Alan in our thoughts! And of course, to help with the Club funds!

Not the attendance I would have hoped for, but nevertheless, 18 members was enough to make 6 sets of 3. As normal for our event, it was a pleasant day, good atmosphere and some tidy bowling. The ladies fed us well and the raffle was well supported – thank you for your prizes!

And the winning of the Alan Cogdell Bowl for 2018 was;

Mike Ling

Stowmarket 2wood League

6/8/18 – Thornham Magna 89 (5 points) v Stanton 74 (2 points).

B Hunt, P Cutting, L Crick. 36-11.

M Porter, M Norman, D Lister. 14-23.

M Lummis, A Hails, K Crabbe. 20-17.

J Adams, M Crick, C Emans. 19-23.


Stowmarket Afternoon League

7/8/18 – Thornham Magna A. 20 (2 points) v Woodfield 23 (5 points).

G Gurnett, J Adams, A Roberts. 9-13.

G Hawkes, M Cogdell, C Emans. 11-10.


7/8/18 – Mendlesham 37 (5 points) v Thornham Magna B. 27 (2 points).

B Paul, S Waterman, R Waterman. 19-9.

G Owen, G Owens, J Owen. 8-28.


Stowmarket Triples League.

8/8/18 – Thornham Magna 100 (6 points) v Haughley 46 (1 point).

B Clayton, M Cogdell, K Crabbe. 32-6.

B Hunt, J Adams, L Crick. 21-8.

D Roberts, G Owens, A Hails. 11-20.

J Blake, T Emans, A Roberts. 36-12.


Upper Waveney Triples

Cancelled due to rain



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News & Results 2018 – Week 15 (

NEWS & RESULTS – 2018 – Week 15 (30/7/18 to 5/8/18)

 Week 15 was an extremely busy week, with 6 matches, Upper Waveney Presidents Day on Saturday, featuring President Melvin Norman and finally on Sunday, the Stowmarket League Presidents Day at Stanton, featuring President Elect Laurie Crick. Plus of course, all the preparations involved for Mel’s day, erecting marquees, cooking, cleaning, preparing the green, etc, etc – a real credit to all those members involved!

Not the result that the Monday 2Wood team were hoping for, but their nearest rivals in the league didn’t perform either, so Thornham are certain division 2 winners – whatever the outcome of their final match on Monday 6th August! Congratulations to the Monday team! As you can see from the results below, they were all close games. I won’t go into detail as it may bring tears to your eyes???

The Afternoon A. team had a good result at Combs, staying fairly comfortable in the middle of the league. The Bob’s and Alan struggled at the start and were 0-7 down after 4 ends. After a reshuffle of positions, they settled down and lost only 4 more ends out of the remaining 12 but couldn’t quite make up the deficit. Both Bob’s played well, but the star was certainly Bob C. playing at No.2. Grayham, Ann & David made sure we were going to win the match and led from start to finish, allowing their opponents only 4 ends – sadly, one of those ends was the final end and was a 6!!!

Not a complete disaster for the Afternoon B. team at home to Walsham Le Willows, with Paul, Nige & Mike going down by 11 shots, yet they won the same number of ends. Trouble was, they got 1’s and 2’s to their opponents 3’s and 4’s! John, Georgina & Glyn fared better, having a very close game all the way and claimed a well-deserved draw.

5 Valuable points at St Botolphs keeps Thornham in with a chance for league champions – but only a chance! David R, Glyn & Andie struggled in the early stages and were 6-15 down by the 12th, but fought hard to come back by winning 6 of the remaining 7 ends, but just fell short. David M, Trish & Jack had a close game, losing out by just 1 shot. Brenda, Jan & Laurie stormed away to a 13-4 lead by half way, but then won only 2 ends in the second half – fortunately, one of those ends was a6!! Bob, Moira & Alan were 13-1 up by the 7th, but fortunes changed from there on, dropping 2x 5’s on the way to the finish – but still won by 4 shots!

The Upper Waveney team could only manage to claim 1½ points at Shotford, with Brenda, Phil & Mo the only winning rink. A close game all the way and went into the final end at 14-14, when they picked up a 3 to win their rink. Mike, Trish & Kipp manage a draw after another close game. Joy, Geoff & Mel got stuck on 5 for 7 ends in the middle of their game. They came back a little towards the end, but still lost by 6 shots. Bob, Ann & David did win 7 ends, but they were mainly 1’s, against a set that were dishing out the odd handful, resulting in a bit of a kicking – shame, a strong looking rink as well!! As they say – it’s all on the day!!!

And now for the good news; 2 Charity games in 1 day and 2 wins on the way to the Semi Final’s in both competitions! I must mention at this point that there were 4 members who played in both games and after such an incredibly hot afternoon for the first game – well done!

In the afternoon, we played the Thurlow Shield game at Great Barton, winning comfortably on both rinks. Bob, Mo & Laurie had a shaky start and were 2 shots adrift at 8-10 after 11 ends. I looked across, as captains do, and although we, Geoff, Jan and I, were 6 shots up at the time – perhaps we should try a little harder to compensate?? The next time I looked, they were 17-10 up – come on Al, relax – concentrate on your own game!

Then in the evening, off to Woodfield for the Marie Curie, expecting as usual – a hard battle! Brenda, Andie & Mel kept in touch throughout and were looking comfortable after the 17th end at 16-11 up. But then whoops, they dropped a 6, a1 and a2 to lose their game unexpectedly!! After a bad start, Alan, Ann & Kipp clawed their way back to edge into the lead at the 11th end and stayed there until their opponents found a fresh breath of wind to draw level with 1 end to go – but Thornham came up with a master stroke from Kipp with 2 shots to win their game. Geoff, Bob & David led for most of the way, but faded a little to lose their final 4 ends and finish with a draw. Other than the dropping of a 5 at the 9th, Joy, Phil & Laurie kept their noses in front for most of the game and finished 4 shots up. An interesting fact is that over the final 4 ends, Woodfield picked up 24 shots to Thornhams 8 – now that was close!!!


Saturday 4th August – Upper Waveney Presidents Day – a well organised event on a well prepared green – congratulations and thank you to all those responsible for such a memorable day.

I would also, on behalf of the Club, like to thank all those clubs who supported this event and for their generosity in supplying raffle prizes.

The food was exceptional and the kitchen staff worked their socks off to keep things flowing. These remarks also apply to our bar staff – Ann & David L – who helped satisfy the needs of some welcome hardened drinkers!

Kipp didn’t do a bad job either – he certainly looked well organised in his little office under the trees!

You must excuse me, but these words are coming from me as a reporter, but they are coming from the heart of a very proud Club President, a club I have been proud of for close to 50 years. Well done to everyone and I hope President Mel will endorse what I have written?





                                                           GRUB UP
























                                                                         JOY & MEL


 Stowmarket 2wood League

30/7/18 – Needham Market 72 (7 points) v Thornham Magna 56 (0 points).

D Miller, M Crick, M Norman. 12-16.

B Hunt, P Cutting, L Crick. 12-16.

M Lummis, A Hails, K Crabbe. 20-23.

M Porter, I Doe, D Lister. 12-17.


Stowmarket Afternoon League

31/7/18 – Combs Ford 30 (2 points) v Thornham Magna A. 42 (5 points).

G Hawkes, A Lister, D Lister. 30-15.

B Clayton, B Kilbey, A Roberts. 12-15.


31/7/18 – Thornham Magna B. 24 ( 1 point) v Walsham Le Willows 35 (6 points).

P Moore, M Thomas, M Ling. 10-21.

J Owen, G Owen, G Owens. 14-14.


Stowmarket Triples League.

1/8/18 – St Botolphs 64 (2 points) v Thornham Magna 69 (5 points).

B Clayton, M Cogdell, A Roberts. 24-20.

B Hunt, J Adams, L Crick. 21-16.

D Roberts, G Owens, A Hails. 13-16.

D Miller, T Emans, J Roberts.


Upper Waveney Triples

2/8/18 – Shotford 77 (5 ½ Points) v Thornham Magna 53 (1 ½ points).

M Ling, T Emans, K Crabbe. 16-16.

B Kilbey, A Lister, D Lister. 8-29.

B Hunt, P Cutting, M Lummis. 17-14.

J Norman, G Gurnett, M Norman. 12-18.


Thurlow Shield.

3/8/18 – Great Barton 24 lost to Thornham Magna A. 48.

B Kilbey, M Lummis, L Crick. 25-14.

G Gurnett, J Adams, A Roberts. 23-10.


Marie Curie

3/8/18 – Woodfield 75 lost to Thornham Magna 78.

A Roberts, A Lister, K Crabbe. 23-21.

G Gurnett, B Kilbey, D Lister. 17-17.

J Norman, P Cutting, L Crick. 21-17.

B Hunt, A Hails, M Norman. 17-20.




























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News & Results 2018 – Week 14 (23/7/18 to 29/7/18).

NEWS & RESULTS – 2018 – Week 14 (23/7/18 to 29/7/18)

 Off to a good start again, with the Monday 2Wood team back to winning ways – but only just! A win by just 1 shot over Great Barton after a nail biting finish at home. With the exception of Laurie’s rink, the games were very close and by the 16th end, Thornham were in the lead by 8 shots, with Brenda, Phil & Laurie leading the way on 21-9. They then lost all 5 remaining ends to the tune of 8 shots, with Mo, Jan & Kipp dropping another 2 over that period – 2 down on the match! David M, Mads & Mel broke even and Mike, Andie & David L Gained 3 shots – just squeezing through to win the match by 1 shot! And my nails are a lot shorter thank you!!!

The Afternoon games were cancelled due to the heat, so on to Wednesday for the game at home against Elmswell – and how the mighty have fallen! It was John, Trish & David M who were unable to make an impression, winning just 5 of the 18 ends. Father & Son assisted Glyn in a game that looked to be sown-up at the 10th, but they got stuck on 13 for 6 ends and nearly “blew it”, then saved the day with a 4 and a1 to win by 1 shot and another point. Bob, Moira & Kipp were in deep trouble when they were 2-16 down at the 10th, but came back with all guns blazing to win 7 of the remaining 8 ends to creep in front – and another point! Brenda, Jan & Laurie flew away to be 11-2 up after 7 ends, but gradually let that lead slide away and found themselves 3 shots down with 2 ends to go. They then got a 4 to go 1 ahead but dropped a 2 at the final end – aaaah!!!

6 massive points for the Upper Waveney team – just what the doctor ordered! Who rights all this rubbish?? The opponents were of course Wortham and if it hadn’t been for Charlie Gooderham spoiling things again – it could have been 7 points! Yes, Joy, Geoff & Mel had a good first half to be 8-8 after 9 ends, but from there on – it all went terribly wrong! Mike, Ann & Kipp allowed the enemy just 2 ends in their massive win. Big wins also for David M, Mo & David L together with Brenda, Bob & Phil; both rinks in command all the way with very similar results.

Defeat at Combs Ford sees Thornham out of the Bullen Cup. Considering the team Combs put out, this wasn’t a disastrous result. In fact, overall this was a close game, with 2 rinks drawing and 1 rink losing by only 1 shot. It was Joy, Geoff & Mel who struggled somewhat and were punished mainly in the first half when they dropped a 6. Not much to say about the other 3 rinks, only that they were all very close throughout with only 1 shot adrift between them.


Stowmarket 2wood League

23/7/18 – Thornham Magna 69 (5 points) v Great Barton 68 (2 points).

D Miller, M Crick, M Norman. 17-14.

B Hunt, P Cutting, L Crick. 21-17.

M Lummis, J Adams, K Crabbe. 16-18.

M Porter, A Hails, D Lister. 15-19.


Stowmarket Afternoon League

24/7/18 – Both Afternoon fixtures cancelled due to fine weather (too hot for some!!)


Stowmarket Triples League.

25/7/18 – Thornham Magna 63 (2 points) v Elmswell78 (5 points).

J Blake, T Emans, D Miller. 8-24.

B Clayton, M Cogdell, K Crabbe. 18-17.

B Hunt, J Adams, L Crick. 19-20.

D Roberts, G Owens, A Roberts. 18-17.


Upper Waveney Triples

24/7/18 – Thornham Magna 103 (6 points) v Wortham 43 (1 point).

D Miller, M Lummis, D Lister. 27-8.

M Ling, A Lister, K Crabbe. 36-6.

B Hunt, B Kilbey, P Cutting. 26-7.

J Norman, G Gurnett, M Norman. 14-22.


Bullen Cup

27/7/18 – Combs Ford 74 beat Thornham Magna 63.

I Doe, B Kilbey, K Crabbe. 17-18.

J Norman, G Gurnett, M Norman. 14-24.

B Hunt, P Cutting, L Crick. 16-16.

A Roberts, M Lummis, D Lister. 16-16.

I Doe, B Kilbey, K Crabbe. 17-18.

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