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The Thornhams are two small Suffolk villages near the town of Eye. They are situated, mostly, within the area of the Thornham Estate, one of the old great estates of Suffolk,  located in the valley of the River Dove in rural north Suffolk.

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The twin villages of Thornham Magna and Thornham Parva lie within a mile or so of each other through wooded country lanes. The surrounding area is mostly arable farming & cattle on the water meadows through which the River Dove flows. The combined population in 2001 was about 170, being measured at 210 in 2011.

To learn more about the Thornhams visit Notes from Thornham. an exceptional historical record of the Thoenhams and the surrounding area. originally published in The Messenger over the last three years.

Installation of a defribulator in Thornham Magna behind the classic red phone box that is now to a ‘Bookswap’ point.

Thornham Magna the larger more southerly of the villages has a grade II* listed pub, The Four Horseshoes, the Street Forge Workshop and the Thornham Walks located within its parish.

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Thornham Parva Church.

Thornham Parva has a rare thatched church which has the grave of Sir Basil Spence the architect of the new Coventry Cathederal. but only a few scattered houses.

The two parishes share a substantial brick built Parish Hall dating from 1924.