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Editing Tips

Some of the site’s regular contributors and authors have given me some really useful feedback over the past few weeks and as a result I’ve edited the “How to Contribute” article and added a few tips on formatting your text, … Continue reading

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Uploading / Adding Images To The Site

Back in December I wrote an article aimed at helping you add content to the new website. I promised to add an update in the future which explained how to add pictures / PDF documents… here it is. I hope … Continue reading

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How to contribute to the site

I’ve written a (relatively detailed and lengthy) article on how to contribute and post to the new web site. You can find it here – hope you find it useful and I look forward to receiving an influx of new … Continue reading

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As many of you know, I’ve been meaning to upgrade the website for some time now and some of you have provided very useful feedback over the past few months – thank you. Well, the time has come to bite the bullet!

The problem with upgrading is that there’s never a perfect time and *something* will always go wrong! To mitigate this, I’ve built a test server out of egg boxes and sticky back plastic and done some "offline" experimentation.The outcome is that I can successfully migrate the entire site to new software with one proviso – the comments module which allows registered users to add their own comments to other people’s articles does not exist in the new software ūüôĀ So, if I upgrade we’ll lose people’s comments. I’ve pondered this long and hard and come to the conclusion that this is a price worth paying. The reasoning goes something like this…

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