More Playground Stuff

My personal opinion is that reinstating the playground will be good for the village, however it worries me that under the lottery grant route, the costs bandied about of £25k upwards and attendant insurances seems very high.

 A very brief search on the internet shows that the equipment as outlined at the recent meeting  to be in the order of £4K with surfacing (25 * 4m) at an additional £2.2k.

 OK so who does the groundworks and the graft? Well we the villagers do, and assisted by the children so we have some real sense of ownership of the project, rather than this playground being "given" to us. I was always taught that if you wanted something you had to work for it!

 So what about funding for the equipment?

Well we will save the insurance cost on £25k

What about sponsorship?

Since so many villagers are in favour, how much would we be prepared to contribute to the playground?





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