Thornham –> 21st Century

You thought it would never happen and for many years it has held a lot of us back and caused a LOT of frustration but FINALLY…. you can upgrade to fast broadband in Thornham Magna!! I’d suggest you login to (or call)  your internet provider right now and order that upgrade! Prices will vary but it’s a relatively modest price increase for most (perhaps £6-£10 per month extra).

The technology we have is called FTTC – Fibre to the Cabinet. What this means is that the fibre connection terminates on the A140 near the White Horse and the last mile or so is good old fashioned copper. This limits speed and means you won’t hit headline speeds BUT you’ll be jumping from a around 2mpbs to 25 mpbs (download) on average. I think we’re guaranteed around 20mpbs which is plenty fast enough to stream TV services for example. We may see speeds approaching 30+mpbs on a good day! Upload speeds should be around 6mbps which again is a massive increase on our current <0.5mbps! Most people don’t do much uploading though so it isn’t of huge importance to most of you unless you use services like Apple’s iCloud for your photos.

As always, your actual speeds will vary according to the copper pair you’re on, the distance to the cabinet and the equipment you use.

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7 Responses to Thornham –> 21st Century

  1. Dave Cowdell says:

    Thanks for the great update Mark!

  2. Jennifer Vaudrey says:

    Good for those on the 013790678— but still waiting on 01379783— !!

  3. admin says:

    Ouch! Sorry to hear that Jennifer – annoying given that you are closer to the 678 cabinet than most of us!! All being well, I think people who ordered early should start being upgraded this week… Any “early adopters” already done?

  4. Eileen Chandler says:

    Had mine sorted on Monday and speeds are 14.58 download (previously max. 1.47) and upload 1.10. It might be that I am the end of the line for 678 nos. but I am happy with those speeds …. now I just have to work out how to make my printer wifi again!

  5. TomT says:

    Well almost a month in and the new download (22-25 mpbs) and upload (4-6 mpbs) speeds have ended those ‘Is anybody using the Internet’ broadcasts to the rest of the household.

  6. admin says:

    Average speed across the people I know seems to be around 12-15mpbs which is approximately 10 times faster than before and good enough for most people most of the time. 20 – 25 is certainly possible but it depends primarily it seems on the terminating equipment in the home. Faceplates / splitters / filters / extensions etc plus of course the router / modem. Whatever, a VERY worthwhile upgrade for anyone who uses the internet for anything more than text emails. We should celebrate with a VR party 😉

  7. Dave Cowdell says:

    All good, but of course jolly old BT have put up price some 7 months into my 18 mths contract (again!). I have migrated to Plusnet

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