News from Beyond – Beyond the Wall, that is

Wassail was affected by the weather, nonetheless, it’s one of our favourite events. Just what is needed in January to lift the spirits and bless the apples which we hope are to come on the trees this year. Work in the garden goes on with new lots of gravel to rejuvenate the paths and it’s good exercise for all to get out there.

The cafe is open for light snacks three days in the week, from 10 to 2.30 Monday to Wednesday, so a brisk trot around Thornham Walks can be rewarded. Hyacinths in bud are for sale at the plant stall, a very reasonable £1 per pot.

Unfortunately, our aged and bewitched minibus finally ‘sat down’ last week and we must quickly find a substitute in the form of an MPV (people carrier) to collect those of our clients who rely on our transport on a daily basis.  Times are hard and it is a problem for Trustees to decide what to do, as the bus died before fund-raising could be attempted. An MPV is the answer as all our qualified staff will be able to drive that while new licensing rules means minibuses can only be driven by those with that facility on their licence.

The monthly ‘Lite Bites’ lunch at  Thornham Village Hall is on the last Tuesday of the month which for February will be the 27th. Telephone: 01379 788700

Beyond the Wall at the Walled Garden, events for 2018: Blossom Day will be Sunday 13th May, Mad Hatter’s Tea Party Friday 10th August and Apple Day Sunday 14th October.

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