News & Results 2018 – Week 8 (11/6 to 17/6).

NEWS & RESULTS – 2018 – Week 8 (11/6 to 17/6)


3 wins out of 4 this week – not bad!! It also appears that there are still a few members doing well in the County Competitions – so good luck to them!

The Monday 2Wood team continue their run of success with a handsome win at home over Needham Market – unbeaten so far! The surprise game was that of Brenda, Phil & Laurie who only won 5 ends on their favourite rink. It seems that it was Rita Robertson of Needham who was setting the pace in this game? It was a close game for Mike, Mel & David L, nip & tuck all the way and just held on at the end. Mo, Andie & Kipp took the lead from the start and were 6-1 up after 5 ends. A 5 at the 8th put them in a commanding position and they held on to their lead, and then took the final 3 ends to seal their win. David M, Mads & Colin got away well to be 11-1 up at the 7th end. They then took a rest for a few ends, but came back with a 6 to set them off again and won the final 8 ends.

The Afternoon A. team had a not too convincing win at Bildeston. Bob C, Moira & Colin were 0-8 down after only 3 ends and spent the rest of the game desperately trying to get back on terms. They did have a surge towards the end to be 13-13 at the 15th, but just lost out over the final 3. Geoff, Bob K & Alan took hold from the start and were 14-1 up by half way and never looked in trouble – well covering the other rink – in theory of course!!! The facts are, the Thornham Rink dropped a 1 then a 5 to put the match very close and panic set in like the previous week at Woodfield – oh dear! However, with a 2 on the final end we scraped through by the skin of our teeth with an overall win by 2 shots – whew!!

With only 2 points behind the league leaders Gipping valley, the Wednesday Triples team were in need of a good win against Walsham – and that they got! After saying that, it is so close between 5 or 6 teams – even the odd point lost can change things! It was John, Jack & David M who were punished badly in the second half of their game. They were 10-4 up and got stuck on 10 for the next 8 ends. They did recover a little and were 14-15 down going into the final end, but dropped a 3 – hard luck!!! David R, Glyn & Andie managed a draw after a close fought battle. Brenda, Trish & Laurie together with Bob, Moira & Alan, both having resounding wins, pushed the score line through the roof to a 46 shots victory. In fact, between them they won by 50 shots.

As a result of a heavy defeat for 1 rink, The Upper Waveney team lost at Connaught and came away with just 2 points. It was Mike, Mads & Bob who had a “bad day at the office”, winning only 4 ends towards their 25 shots beating. Brenda, Ann & Laurie, plus Joy, Mel & David between them covered that deficit. Ray, Phil & Kipp were always behind from the start until they got a 5 to draw level at the 10th end. They then went ahead for a few ends and were 17-16 up at the 15th but lost the final 3 ends to go down by 4 shots – the number of shot that lost the match!!

Not the best of turn-outs for the Club Pairs Day on Sunday. You know these fixtures are all important dates on our calendars and desperately need your support – it is also good experience for new members! However, for those who did attend, it was another great day with good weather, good spirit and some great bowling – a tonic for those who run the events!

As for the result, it was a repeat of last year with David Lister & Alan Roberts losing in the Final, this time to Madeleine Crick & Keith Crabbe. It was a great final with plenty of terrific shots from both sides, with Mads & Kipp just squeezing through on the final end to finish worthy winners – well done!


Stowmarket 2wood League

11/6/18 – Thornham Magna 83 (6 points) v Needham Market 63 (1 point).

M Lummis, A Hails, K Crabbe. 23-12.

D Miller, M Crick, C Emans. 32-7.

B Hunt, P Cutting, L Crick. 9-28.

M Porter, M Norman, D Lister. 19-16.


Stowmarket Afternoon League

12/6/18 – Bildeston 31 _2 points) v Thornham Magna A. 33 (5 points).

B Clayton, M Cogdell, C Emans. 14-17.

G Gurnett, B Kilbey, A Roberts. 19-14.


Stowmarket Triples League.

13/6/18 – Thornham Magna 96 (5 ½ points) v Walsham Le Willows 50 (1 ½ points).

B Clayton, M Cogdell, A Roberts. 33-11.

B Hunt, T Emans, L Crick. 35-7.

D Roberts, G Owens, A Hails. 14-14.

J Blake, J Roberts, D Miller. 14-18.



Upper Waveney Triples

15/6/18 – Connaught 75 (5 points) v Thornham Magna 71 (2 points)

B Hunt, A Lister, L Crick. 27-11.

J Norman, M Norman, D Lister. 21-12.

R Waterman, P Cutting, K Crabbe. 17-21.

M Porter, M Crick, B Kilbey. 6-31.




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