News & Results 2018 – Week 18 (20/8/18 to 26/8/18).

NEWS & RESULTS – 2018 – Week 18 (20/8/18 to 26/8/18)

Not the best of finishes to the league season, with 3 games in the Stowmarket league and 3 defeats. However, the Upper Waveney team came to the rescue and finished on a high note by playing 2 games and 2 notable wins.

The Afternoon A. team played their final game away at Ixworth, who at that stage had only won 1 game throughout the season and lying comfortably at the bottom of the league. This has got to be a walk-over surely?? By the 9th end, the forecast looked promising with Bob, Moira & Colin down by 3 shots and Geoff, Jan & Alan up by 19 shots – what could possibly go wrong?? By the 15th end, Colin’s rink slid down further to 14 down with Alan’s rink climbing a little to 21 shots up – still 7 shots clear! Going into the final end we were 3 shots clear, after leading all the way, and who should drop a 3 – Geoff, Jan & Alan!!! Who could do nothing but stand and watch Moira, who by now was skip, battle to save the match. And Moira was brilliant with all 3 woods, twice taking shot from 3 down. Then their skip bowled his final wood which wicked off a stray wood and rolled in for GAME SHOT – yuck!!!

Sorry about all that – I just thought you ought to know! Not quite so dramatic for the B. team, although Glyn, Chris & Mike did come out with all guns blaze and scored a 3 then a 6 on the first 2 ends to be 9-0 up. It then all simmered down and they won by 4 shots and 2 points. Barry, Sheila & Ray, other than winning the first end, were never in the game and took a bit of a kicking. Never mind, we have all been there this season – it can only get better next year!

The last of the Wednesday fixtures didn’t go our way either – perhaps we are getting tired??? Just ½ point and that was only just. Bob, Moira & Colin led for most of the way and went into the final end with a chance of a point – but dropped a 2 to hang on to a draw! David, Glyn & Andie only won 6 ends, but 2 ends were 5’s, plus a 4 and a 3 – hence, they only lost by 4 shots. Similarly, Brenda, Jan & Laurie won only 6 ends, but they included a 7 and a 6 and they only lost by 4 shots. As for John, Trish & Alan, they couldn’t get their act together at all – yes, we must be getting tired!!

It’s a different story for the Upper Waveney team who have suddenly come alive with 2 great wins. First, a trip to Beeches on the Thursday and with their tails up, they came away with 6 points. Joy, Nige & Mel won the majority of ends – including a 6! But their opponents had a 4 and several 3’s which made the difference – but only lost by 3 shots! The other 3 rinks were all very similar and nowhere did any of them look like losing.

The next day, Thornham entertained Long Stratton and put on another good show. Bob, Ann & Colin had a bad start and were 1-10 down after 8 ends. The tide then turned a little and they held their own by reducing the difference and finished 7 shots down. Joy, Trish & Mel kept a tight game and salvaged ½ point by winning the final 2 ends. Brenda, David & Ivan were never in trouble and were 20-8 up going into the final end and they dropped a 5 – just teasing I suppose??? Mike, Geoff & Laurie took the honours with a big 31 score, including 2 x 4’s a 5 and a 6. Well done to all!

And well done to all teams, whether winners or losers, after a very full season. You should all be very proud to be part of the Thornham Magna Bowls Club – especially wearing those pretty shirts – you all look so lovely!!!

Sorry David Lister, I seem to have run out of ink, so I can’t mention about our 4Wood Pair’s game when I forgot to bowl one of my woods. Never mind – maybe next time???

Stowmarket Afternoon League

21/8/18 – Ixworth 39 (5 points) v Thornham Magna A. 38 (2 points).

B Clayton, M Cogdell, C Emans. 10-26.

G Gurnett, J Adams, A Roberts. 28-13.

21/8/18 – Thornham Magna B. 26 (2 points) v St Botolphs 45 (5 points).

G Owens, C Manning, M Ling. 19-15.

B Paul, S Waterman, R Waterman. 7-30.

Stowmarket Triples League.

22/8/18 – Thornham Magna 62 ( ½ point) v Gipping Valley 84 (6 ½ points).

D Roberts, G Owens, P Cutting. 19-23.

B Clayton, M Cogdell, C Emans. 16-16.

B Hunt, J Adams, L Crick. 17-23.

J Blake, T Emans, A Roberts. 10-22.

Upper Waveney Triples

23/8/18 – Beeches 49 (1 point) v Thornham Magna 85 (6 points).

M Porter, G Gurnett, L Crick. 22-11.

J Norman, N Thomas, M Norman. 17-20.

B Hunt, D Lister, I Doe. 22-8.

M Ling, A Lister, C Emans. 24-10.

24/8/18 – Thornham Magna 79 (5 ½ points) v Long Sratton 61 (1 ½ points).

B Hunt, D Lister, I Doe. 20-13.

M Porter, G Gurnett, L Crick.

B Kilbey, A Lister, C Emans. 10-17.

J Norman, T Emans, M Norman. 18-18.

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