News & Results 2019 – Week 1 (22/4/19) & Helen’s Day 14/4/19

NEWS & RESULTS – 2019 – Week 1 (21/4/19 to 28/4/19)

The season started well with our Annual Opening Day on Sunday 14th April – this year we called it “The Helen Crick Day” Considering the forecast at the time, it was a respectable turn out and other than a weak shower of hail before starting, we had a fine day.

21 members took part – not too serious of course! But a good fun afternoon, followed in the usual manner with a spread of food – second to none!!

And the final result was a tie between Andie Hails and the old boy on the left – me!!

I can’t really see me laying my hands on the Helen Bowl this year – Andie seems to be guarding it with his life!

League games started on Monday 21st with somewhat of a kicking from Walsham – not the best start to the season, although, Brenda, Phil & Laurie did squeeze out 1 point. They did have a great start winning the first 5 ends and at half way they were 8 shots up. But Walsham came back and almost stole the point. Mike, Mads & Colin had a dreadful start and were 0-12 down after 9 ends. They did get their act together from there on, but just couldn’t come back enough and lost by 9 shots. Ivan, Andie & David L had a close game and were leading at 18 ends, but then dropped 2×3’s to lose their game. After a bad start, David E, Mo & Kip played catch-up and almost got level at the 16th, but lost the final 5 ends to go down by 9 shots.

The gloom continued as the Tuesday Afternoon A team managed only 2 points against Combs Ford. The 2 points came from Geoff, Jan & Alan who had a “nip & tuck” game throughout – dragging behind for most of the game! They had a change round of positions and tactics, the sun shone brightly and they picked up 7 shots on the final 3 ends to win by 4 shots. Bob, Moira & Colin had a very close game up to the 10th end when they were 3 shots up, but then lost their way completely to go down by 8 shots.

The Afternoon B team struggled at Walsham and were in real trouble after trailing all the way to the 14th end when they were 18 shots down on the match. Then the tide suddenly turned for Barry, Ray & Mike who were 5-18 down. Over the final 5 ends, they picked up a 2, a 6, a1 and then a 3 on the final end to just miss out on a point – ahhh! Paul, David M & Glyn had a closer game and actually won more ends, but its points that win prizes, so bad luck all round.

Not a great deal to say about the Wednesday Triples team – only that they were bl***y great!! 7-0 at Gipping Valley – got to be a first? A great show whatever! At the 11th, Bob, Moira & Colin 16-6 up, David R, Glyn & Andie 11-7 up, David M, David E 13-10 up and Trish, Jan & Laurie 17-4 up. Trish, Jan & Laurie did drop 12 shots over the second half of their game, but they were far enough in front to tease their opponents a little – that could be their excuse anyway?? Good result all round – well done!

Not so great at Dickleburgh for the Upper Waveney team. In fact, after 10 ends we were down on all rinks to the tune of 30 shots. It may have been more, but some plonker didn’t fill their card in – who’s that pushing my arm up?? Anyway, a massive come back all round with Mike, Ray & Laurie leading the way, coming from 1-17 down at the 6th, to 21-21 and snatch a point. Ann, Mads & David L came from 7-16 down at the 12th, to 17-17 and snatch another point Alan, Mel & Phil were down 0-10 but came back to lose by just 5 shots. Mike, Geoff & Mo struggled all the way, but did win the last 3 ends as a token prize.

Don’t worry – we’ll get the hang of it???

Stowmarket 2wood League

22/4/19 – Walsham Le Willows 78 (6 points) v Thornham Magna 57 (1 point).

D Ewer, M Lummis, K Crabbe. 12-21.

I Doe, A Hails, D Lister. 16-20.

M Porter, M Crick, C Emans. 10-19.

B Hunt, P Cutting, L Crick. 19-18.

Stowmarket Afternoon League

21/4/19 – Thornham Magna A. (2 points) v Combs Ford (5 points).

B Clayton, M Cogdell, C Emans. 9-17.

G Gurnett, J Adams, A Roberts. 19-15.

21/4/19 – Walsham Le Willows 33 (7 points) v Thornham Magna B (0 points).

Barry Paul, R Waterman, Mike Ling. 17-18.

P Moore, D Miller, G Owens. 10-15.

Stowmarket Triples League.

22/4/19 – Gipping Valley 47 (0 points) v Thornham Magna 79 (7points).

D Miller, D Ewer, P Cutting. 23-11.

D Roberts, G Owens, A Hails. 18-9.

B Clayton, M Cogdell, C Emans. 20-12.

T Cutting, J Adams, L Crick. 18-13.

Upper Waveney Triples

23/4/19 – Dickleburgh78 (5 points) v Thornham Magna 59 (2 points).

M Ling, R Waterman, L Crick. 21-21.

M Porter, G Gurnett, M Lummis. 7-21.

A Lister, M Crick, D Lister. 17-17.

A Roberts, M Hopkins, P Cutting. 14-19.

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