News & Results 2019 – Week 5 (20/5/19 to 26/5/19)

NEWS & RESULTS – 2019 – Week 5 (20/5/19 to 26/5/19)

In my week 4 report, I forgot to add our Triples Day, held on Sunday 19th. Not a lot to say really, only that it was a poor turnout, disappointing for the organiser who had the task of setting up a tournament of either pairs or triples with 11 members – very complicated!!

However, we made the most of it playing with2 woods on 2 rinks and 4 sets of Triples, with one set having only 2 players who had 3 woods each – see what I mean about being complicated!!!

Anyway, we all had a very enjoyable afternoon bowling, followed by the usual raffle and spread, so congratulations to Philip for creating a pleasant tournament with a handful of members and the 2019 Triples Champions are Moira, Laurie and Glyn.

On to Monday and the 2Wood team travelled to Bramford and it seemed a long way to go for another kicking. I for one, being a poor old boy, found it extremely hard work – they even looked round for a stretcher to carry me off in the end!! Only joking Bramford – it’s that time of the year! Alan, Mads & Kipp got away well, winning the first 4 ends and looking comfortable, but as soon as they lost the cot, it was full length to the edge of the green and they slowly clawed their way back and by the 13th end they went into the lead – and stayed there! Mike, Mo & Mel had a slow start and were 0-8 down by the 5th, but then took control and going into the final end it was 14-14 but then dropped a 3 – very unlucky! Jan, Andie & David had a close game and won 10 ends, but their opponents scored more big ends – if you get my drift?? It looked at one stage as though Brenda, Phil & Laurie were going to carry the rest of us and win the match on their own. In fact, they were 21-5 up at the 16th and then switched off completely to drop 11 shots over the final 5 ends – but they did get us a point, well done!


It was bad news again for the Afternoon A team, losing 0-7 at home to Woodfield. Alan, Mel & Jan were 0-5 down by the 3rd and spent the rest of the game playing “catch-up”, losing in the end by just 2 shots. It was a similar story for Bob, Moira & Graham, 0-5 down at the 3rd and couldn’t quite make “catch-up”. They did get to 9-10 at the 11th, but then dropped a 6. They pulled back and they also lost by 2 shots.


The Afternoon B team are still managing to bring home a few points – even if it’s just 2! It was away at St Botolphs this time, and it was Paul, David & Glyn who salvaged the 2 points after a very close game. It was hard work for Barry, Chris & Nije who kept close up to the 10th at 5-7 down, but lost heavily over the second half dropping a 6, a 4, 2×3’s, 2×2’s to lose by 20 shots – ouch!!


It’s onwards & upwards for the Wednesday Triples team by taking all 7 points at home against Bildeston. The match was basically over by mid-way, with all rinks up and 48 shot in front – wow!! Mo, Ann & David L galloped away to 13-4 up and then settled down to a canter. A similar story for Trish, Jan & Phil who were 22-3 up before they settled into a canter. Brenda, Glyn & Andy galloped a little quicker to 20-3 up but then went into reverse, winning only 2 more ends. It was a closer game for Bob, Moira & David M who were just 2 shots up at the 9th, but had a better second half to win by 10 shots. A great win all round – may it continue!


It was also a good win for the Upper Waveney team, having to play on the Tuesday evening, causing a few problems with members that play in the Afternoon team also. However, we seem to manage and it was good to get 5 points. Joy, Geoff & Kipp led the way losing only 5 ends and led from start to finish. The other rink to win was Ann, Phil & David and other than the first end, also led all the way. Brenda, Mel H & Laurie had a close game and it all came down to the final end when they needed a 3 to draw but could only manage a 2. It’s possibly just a rumour, but I did hear about a 6 slipping through their hands, but as I say – just a rumour?? Mike, Mo & Mel N. got away well and kept close for the first 13 ends, but it was the final straight that caught them napping and they lost by 8 shots.


Stowmarket 2wood League

20/5/19 – Bramford 80 (6 points) v Thornham Magna 61 (1 point).

A Roberts, M Crick, K Crabbe. 11-25.

M Porter, M Lummis, M Norman. 14-17.

B Hunt, P Cutting, L Crick. 21-16.

J Adams, A Hails, D Lister. 15-22.


Stowmarket Afternoon League

21/5/19 – Thornham Magna A. 33 (0 points) v Woodfield 37 (7 points).

A Roberts, M Hopkins, J Adams. 16-18.

B Clayton, M Cogdell, G Hawkes. 17-19.


21/5/19 – St Botolphs 42 (5 points) v Thornham Magna B. 23 (2 points).

B Paul, C Manning, N Thomas. 8-28.

P Moore, D Miller, G Owens. 15-13.


Stowmarket Triples League.

22/5/19 – Thornham Magna 93 (7 points) v Bildeston 49 (0 points).

M Lummis, A Lister, D Lister. 17-9.

T Cutting, J Adams, P Cutting. 29-12.

B Clayton, M Cogdell, D Miller. 22-12.

B Hunt, G Owens, A Hails. 25-16.


Upper Waveney Triples

21/5/19 – Wortham 50 (2 point) v Thornham Magna 61(5 points).

M Ling, M Lummis, M Norman. 11-19.

J Norman, G Gurnett, K Crabbe. 20-5.

A Lister, P Cutting, D Lister. 18-13.

B Hunt, M Hopkins, L Crick. 12-13


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