News & Results 2019 – Week 6 (27/5/19 to 2/6/19)

NEWS & RESULTS – 2019 – Week 6 (27/5/19 to 2/6/19)

Another heavy defeat foe the Monday 2Wood team, losing by 17 shots and only 1 point at home against Thorndon. Joy, Mo & Kipp were the point winners after scraping through from being 15-4 up at the 12th, to 18-16 at the finish. 2 very close games with Brenda, Phil & Laurie who climbed back from 11-17 down to lose by 1 shot and David M, Andie & David L who from 16-11 up lost by 1 shot after dropping 2×3’s at the final 2 ends. Jan, Mads & Mel were beaten all the way, including dropping 2×5’s at the 7th & 8th – so back to the drawing board!!

It was a well needed win for the Afternoon A. team at St Botolphs, after the worse start of the season for many years. Bob, Moira & Graham did well, even after dropping 2×3’s at the start. They soon recovered and after 2×4’s and a 5 before half way, romped home to a match winning score. Alan, Geoff & Jan looked to be making it 7-0, but failed at the final fence to lose by 1 shot.

2 points only for the Wednesday Triples team after a wet, miserable evening at Old Newton – no offence Old Newton! And no excuse of course, but it was Bob, Moira & David M, plus Brenda, Jan & Alan who let the side down, both sets with similar games and results. Ann, Mads & David L enjoyed a close game and were marginally behind for most of it, but just got their noses in front at the final 2 ends. It was David R, Mo & Andie who helped keep the match tight, winning 10 ends on the trot to go from 4-10 down to 23-10 up and finally win by 11 shots.

The Upper Waveney Team march on with another win, this time at home against Hoxne. Joy, Geoff & Kipp got away to a good start to be 15-0 up at the 4th end. They then settled down to a trot and that’s exactly the score they won by – 15 shots! A comfortable win also for the 3xM’s – Mike, Mo & Mel N! It was the middle part of their game they performed, going from 1-4 down to 20-5 up in 9 ends, then finishing off with a 15 shots win. The losers on the day were Brenda, Mel H & Laurie who won their share of ends, but had bigger scores against them and Ann, Phil & David L who scored a 6 at the opening end, but then lost their way to lose by 5 shots.


Stowmarket 2wood League

27/5/19 –Thornham Magna 59 (1 point) v Thorndon 76 (6 points) .

J Norman, M Lummis, K Crabbe. 18-16.

J Adams, M Crick, M Norman. 9-26.

B Hunt, P Cutting, L Crick. 16-17.

D Miller, A Hails, D Lister. 16-17.


Stowmarket Afternoon League

28/5/19 – St Botolphs 32 (2 points) v Thornham Magna A. 39 (5 points).

B Clayton, M Cogdell, G Hawkes. 24-16.

A Roberts, G Gurnett, J Adams. 15-16.


Stowmarket Triples League.

29/5/19 – Old Newton. 71 (5 points) v Thornham Magna 68 (2 points).

D Roberts, M Lummis, A Hails. 23-12.

A Lister, M Crick, D Lister. 19-17.

B Hunt, J Adams, A Roberts. 13-21.

B Clayton, M Cogdell, D Miller. 13-21


Upper Waveney Triples

28/5/19 – Thornham Magna 81 (5 points) v Hoxne 63 (2 points).

J Norman, G Gurnett, K Crabbe. 29-14.

B Hunt, M Hapkins, L Crick. 13-20.

A Lister, P Cutting, D Lister. 15-20.

M Ling, M Lummis, M Norman. 24-9.


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