News & Results 2019 – Week 7

NEWS & RESULTS – 2019 – Week 7 (3/6/19 to 9/6/19)

Week 7 proved to be a miserable week, from the weather point of view and results. From Tuesday onwards, every game was a wet one. In fact, I look in the mirror and I seem to be quite brown – the I realise its rust!!

No excuse for the Monday team – just 1 point again! The point came from David M, Mads & David L. who had a close first half and then eased away to a 6 shots win. Joy, Geoff & Kip had a close game, winning 12 of the 21 ends and at the 11th were 11-7 up, but they were scoring 1’s & 2’s to their opponents 3’s & 4’s – hence they lost 15-18! Alan, Mo & Mel trailed from the start until they managed a 4 at the 11th to draw level, but then dropped a 4 to take it back to a trailing situation and lost by that 4. Brenda, Phil & Laurie never got a look-in, winning just 5 ends – and a bit of a kicking!!!

The Afternoon A. team, still having a bad time, lost at home to Needham Market A. 0-7. Mel, Graham & Laurie lost the first 4 ends to go 0-6 down, then played catch up and got to within 2 shots by the 13th, then finished, losing by 4 shots. Alan, Geoff & Jan started even worse and were 0-9 down after only 3 ends – including a 6!! However, they clawed their way back to go in front with 4 ends to go, but the excitement was too much – and they capitulated!!!

On the other hand, the B. team played away to Elmswell and almost came home with 7 points. Mike, Barry & Ray started a little edgy, but took a 4 at the 8th to put them in front and there they stayed, taking all of the final 7 ends. Paul, Nije & David had a close game and were 15-11 up by the 14th. It then, by the looks of the score card, started to rain heavier and things went a little wrong when they dropped a 3 and a 4 to be level with 1 end to go – then dropped a 1!!! Well done anyway – at least they won as a team!

And now we come to the team of the moment; the Wednesday Triples team, at home against St Botolphs and a comfortable 6 points. David R, Glyn & Andy flew off from the start and were 10-0 up after 4 ends. They then held the lead all the way and felt generous enough to drop a 4 on the final end. Captain David, Mads & Mel were 14-6 up by the 10th and then dropped a 5 and a 3 to be equal. Sign of panic set in and the 13th was a dead end, but then scored a 4 to go on and win comfortably. Joy, Moira & Colin led all the way, including a 6 at the 11th and allowing their opponents only 5 ends for another big score. Brenda, Trish & Phil also got away well and heading for another big win with 12-2 score line to their credit at the 9th. It then all went dreadfully wrong, losing the next 8 ends to be 12-17 down at the 17th. They did score a 3 at the final end – not quite enough to ease the pain – ouch!!

Earlier in the afternoon, the Tuesday A team played Woodfield at home in the Thurlow Shield – oh dear!! Credit where it’s due – Woodfield were too good! Geoff, Graham & Colin were always behind and drew close on a couple of occasions to be 10-11 at the 13th, but then scored only 2 over the final 8 ends. Alan, Jan & David kept their noses in front up to the 11th when they dropped a 4. Then, like the other set, it all went wrong after the 13th and lost 7 of the remaining 8 ends. Oh well, there’s always next year!

Finally, the Upper Waveney team travelled to Pulham and came away with only 1 point. Not a massive hiding, with Mike, Ray & Captain Mel losing by the biggest margin. In fact, they only won 6 ends and were never really in the game. Ann, Glyn & David were 0-5 down by the 4th and 3-14 down by the 10th. They then started to pick up and got within 3 shots with 2 ends to go – so near yet so far!! Joy, Geoff & Kipp enjoyed a close battle up to the 10th when they were 11-8 up, but then disaster struck when they dropped 9 shots over the next 3 ends and although winning 4 of the next 5 ends – they never quite recovered! And who were the winning rink? Brenda, Mel H & Laurie. They also had a bad start losing the first 5 ends to be 0-7 down. However, they slowly clawed their way back to 9-9 at the 13th and went on to be 13-9 in front at the 17th. Then, just to send shivers up their spines, they dropped a 4 to make it level going into the final end. The final end didn’t start too well and skip Laurie found himself being several down and a task of finding a way through the bunch. Fortunes shone down as Laurie’s wood manoeuvred its way through, nudging 1 or 2 out of the way to find itself near the cot to win the game – well done! Well it’s all a load of rubbish anyway – I don’t know why you read all this stuff???

Friday 7th June and I am doing my weekly duty by keeping the club open in the hope of attracting members, old and new, for a roll-up. This week we had extra entertainment with our Jan playing Carol Kelly from Woodfield in the second round of the County Ladies Champion of Champions. I missed the first few ends as I was busy preparing for the special event due on The following Monday, but I kept glancing over and Jan looked to be putting on a fine performance. So I drew up a chair to sit and watch. Carol then started to pull back, so I called out to Jan “would you prefer if I disappear”. The answer was a definite YES – so I hid behind the curtain! Well, what a game? – It was a cracker! It was 18-18 after 30 ends then Jan raced home with a 1 and a 2 to take her through to the Area Semi’s. Well done Jan, I’m proud of you – you’re good enough to go all the way! Now that wasn’t rubbish – was it? Watch this space for next week.

Stowmarket 2wood League

3/6/19 – Haughley 76 (6 points) v Thornham Magna 54 (1 point).

A Roberts, M Lummis, M Norman. 15-19.

J Norman, G Gurnett, K Crabbe. 15-18.

B Hunt, P Cutting, L Crick. 6-27.

D Miller, M Crick, D Lister. 18-12.

Stowmarket Afternoon League

4/6/19 – Thornham Magna A. 26 (0 points) v Needham Market A. 33 (7 points).

M Hopkins, G Hawkes, L Crick. 11-15.

A Roberts, G Gurnett, J Adams. 15-18.

4/6/19 – elmswell 24 (2 points) v Thornham Magna B. 36 (5 points).

M Ling, B Paul, R Waterman. 18-5.

P Moore, N Thomas, D Miller. 18-19.

Stowmarket Triples League.

5/6/19 – Thornham Magna 87 (6 points) v St Botolphs 56 (1 point).

D Roberts, G Owens, A Hails. 20-13.

D Miller, M Crick, M Norman. 24-17.

B Hunt, T Emans, P Cutting. 15-17.

J Norman, M Cogdell, C Emans. 28-9.

Upper Waveney Triples

6/6/19 – Pulham 73 (6 points) v Thornham Magna 55 (1 point).

A Lister, G Owens, D Lister. 12-18.

B Hunt, M Hopkins, L Crick. 14-13.

J Norman, G Gurnett, K Crabbe. 15-18.

M Ling, R Waterman, M Norman. 14-24.

Thurlow Shield

5/6/19 – Woodfield 44 beat Thornham Magna A. 25.

A Roberts, J Adams, D Lister. 13-22.

G Gurnett, G Hawkes, C Emans. 12-22.

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