News & Results 2019 – Week 8 (10/6/19 to 16/6/19)

NEWS & RESULTS – 2019 – Week 8 (10/6/19 to 16/6/19)

We started the week with an exciting day at the races. Yes, following a request by Mid Suffolk, the bowls club opened up the club mid-day on the Monday 10th with the object of tempting local residents in for refreshment and showing them what they are missing by not being a member; at the same time, allowing them to view the Women’s Tour from a prepared site and afterwards, have a roll-up  – if they wish??

I do apologise, but there should be some pictures in this space? Sadly, things have changed and my poor old brain cannot master the new system!

Well, the weather wasn’t exactly in our favour and kept people from venturing out, but we did attract 6 non-members, including 2 of our brave police force, and if they didn’t enjoy the main event – they certainly enjoyed the cakes, etc, so well provided by our wonderful ladies!!! The end result was £150 in the bank from Mid Suffolk Awards.

2 matches were called off this week because of rain, both Monday’s and Wednesday’s.

It was a 5-2 defeat for the Afternoon A team at home against Bramford – by just 1 shot! Ann, Geoff & David salvaged the 2 points even though they dropped a 6 at the 12th end, but came from 9-16 down to pick up 9 shots over the final 5 ends to win by 1 shot. Not so fortunate for Mel, Alan & Colin who struggled over the first half, but dominated the 2nd half by taking 6 of the remaining 9 ends to come from 7-19 down to get within 6 shots into the 18th end. Could they get those 6 shots? With the skips about to play their last 3 woods, it was a distinct possibility with 6 Thornham woods in the vicinity some measurable and Colin adding to the possibles. The end result after a measure, just 4 shots to Thornham, losing the match by 1 shot – close and bad luck!!

The Afternoon B. team have had some good results up till now, but Stanton put a stop to that and no points to come home with. After dropping a 5 at the 3rd end, Nije, Glyn & Mike were forced to play catch-up all the way and were 1 shot adrift at the 17th, but then dropped a 3. Trish, Paul & Phil had a close game up to the 11th end when they were 9-8 up, but then disaster struck when they lost 6 of the remaining ends, including 2×3’s, a 5 a 7 – I say no more!!!

On to Thursday and another great win for the Upper Waveney team at Connaught. Ann, Mads & David had a close game throughout and just missed out on the final end to secure a win – but a draw is another valuable 1/2 point! Brenda, Nije & Laurie also had a close game and the point was secured on the final end with Laurie worming his way through, using a couple of woods on the way – and bingo!! Mel H, Mo & Mel N looked to be on the way for another point, but being 12-7 up at the 10th, then dropping 11 shots over the final straight – they lost by 5 shots – oops! The big win to clinch the match went to Joy, Geoff & Kipp. 14-0 up at the half way mark – no problem! Although they did let their opponents take part in the second half, including a 4 on the final end.

Friday and another game for the Upper Waveney team – the Upper Waveney KO Cup!         Almost the same team as the night before when they won away at Connaught, but this time at home against Wortham – and they had other ideas!! The only set to win was Brenda, Mike & Laurie and a close game with the advantage swinging from side to side until the final 2 ends and the swing went to the Thornham set to win by 5 shots. Mo and the 2 Mels had a rush of blood when they opened proceedings with a 4 and a 5. They then allowed their opponents to join in and it was all level by the 11th. Thornham then edged forward but dropped a 4 on the final end to lose by 1 shot. Joy, Geoff & Kipp, behind by the odd shot throughout the game, eventually lost by2. The biggest loss was that of Ann, Phil & David who matched their opponents until the 11th end and then stopped competing for 8 ends – Philip, you must wait until the final end before rushing in to put the kettle on!!!!


 Stowmarket 2wood League

10/6/19 – Thornham Magna v Combs Ford – Postponed due to rain


Stowmarket Afternoon League

11/6/19 – Thornham Magna A. 37 (2 points) v Bramford 38 (5 points).

A Lister, G Gurnett, D Lister. 18-17.

M Hopkins, A Roberts, C Emans. 19-21.


11/6/19 – Stanton 45 (7 points) v Thornham Magna B. 24 (0 points).

N Thomas, G Owens, M Ling. 13-17.

T Cutting, P Moore, P Cutting. 11-28.


Stowmarket Triples League.

12/6/19 – Walsham Le Willows v Thornham Magna – Postponed due to rain.


Upper Waveney Triples

13/6/19 – Connaught 53 (1½ points) v Thornham Magna (5½ points).

A Lister, M Crick, D Lister. 12-12.

M Hopkins, M Lummis, M Norman. 13-18.

B Hunt, N Thomas, L Crick. 15-14.

J Norman, G Gurnett, K Crabbe. 20-9.


Upper Waveney KO Cup

14/6/19 – Thornham Magna 56 lost to Wortham 67.

A Lister, P Cutting, D Lister. 8-21.

B Hunt, M Ling, L Crick. 20-15.

M Hopkins, M Lummis, M Norman. 15-16.

J Norman, G Gurnett, K Crabbe. 13-15.




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