News & Results 2019 – Week 10 (24/6/19 to 30/6/19)

NEWS & RESULTS – 2019 – Week 10 (24/6/19 to 30/6/19)

Remember in my last report (week 9), I mentioned about the Monday team having a bye and avoiding a thrashing – oh dear! What have I let myself in for?? Just ignore all that and we will settle down and concentrate on the facts.

Monday 24th June and the 2Wood team entertained Woodfield and it seems that’s exactly what they did do – there I go again, sorry!! Brenda, Phil & Laurie made the biggest effort by only losing by 4 shots, and were actually in the lead by 1 shot at the 18th, but then dropped 5 over the final 3 ends. Mo, Geoff & Kipp were in the lead at the 15th, then dropped 3×3’s a 5 and a 1 over the last 6 ends. Mike, David & Mel had their moments and were challenging by the 11th at 10-12 down, but then decided to sit on 10 for the next 9 ends – oh dear!! Please excuse me, but I must take a deep breath before I go on. Right, that’s better, Mads, Andie & Colin came off the blocks in a hurry to go 6-1 in the lead by the 6th end – then it all went wrong and they sat on that 6 for 10 ends – say no more!!!

The Afternoon A. team desperately needed to keep clear of the bottom, a rare position for many years and a trip to Combs could be tough – and tough it was! Yes, we managed to bring home 5 points, but only by the skin of our teeth – so to speak! Geoff, Graham & Colin had a close battle all the way and were 15-14 up with 2 ends to go, then bang – they dropped a 4 and a 1! Alan, Mel & Laurie had an up & down sort of game up to 13-12 at the 15th. Fortunately, they took 5 shots over the final 3 ends to steal the match by 2 shots.

The B team, also hovering at the bottom, managed to collect 2 points from Walsham Le Willows at home. At one stage, it looked as though the match was going Thornham’s way. Paul, Nije & Glyn were 10-8 up at the 11th, but added just 1 shot over the final 7 ends. Mike, Ray & David were also looking at a big win, and then almost lost it over the last 4 ends.

The Stowmarket Triples team march on with another 5 points in the bank. With Gipping Valley only 3 positions below Thornham in the league, this was never going to be a walk-over? David R, Glyn & Andie, not having their best run at the moment, were doing well up to the 12th end and then scored only 1 shot over the remaining 8 ends. Brenda, Jan & Phil were going great guns up to the 9th end at12-3 up, and then scored only 2 shots over the remaining 9 ends – dropping 2×6’s on the way! Good old reliable Bob, Moira & Colin kept in touch and scored a useful 5 at the 13th – the margin they won by! Trish, Mo & David M. stole the show with a decisive win. Barring the first end when they dropped a1, they led all the way – well done Captain David!!!

It was Brenda, Nije & Laurie who saved the day from being a “white Wash” and crept in by 1 shot for a point. Yes, after their 5-2 win at the start if the season, Dickleburgh pulled off the double by beating the Upper Waveney team 1-6 at Thornham. Although Mel H, Mo & David won 8 ends, their opponents had 4×3’s a 4, 5 and a 6 in their tally, creating a 19 shot hammering. A closer game for Ann, Mike & Mel N. and with a 6 at the 14th, they actually went into the lead – but it was short lived! It was a slow start for Joy, Geoff & Kipp, but they did stage a come-back midway. Again, short lived and the got stuck on 11 for the final 5 ends.

Stowmarket 2wood League

24/6/19 – Thornham Magna 55 (0 points) v Woodfield 100 (7 points).

B Hunt, P Cutting, L Crick. 15-19.

M Crick, A Hails, C Emans. 9-36.

M Lummis, G Gurnett, K Crabbe. 19-30.

M Porter, D Lister, M Norman. 12-25.


Stowmarket Afternoon League

25/6/19 – Combs Ford 31 (2 points) v Thornham Magna A. 33 (5 points).

G Gurnett, G Hawkes, C Emans. 15-19.

A Roberts, M Hopkins, L Crick. 18-12.


25/6/19 – Thornham Magna B. 25 (2 points) v Walsham Le Willows 28 (5 points).

P Moore, N Thomas, G owens. 11-16.

M Ling, R Waterman, D Miller. 14-12.


Stowmarket Triples League.

26/6/19 – Thornham Magna 67 (5 points) v Gipping Valley 61 (2 points).

B Hunt, J Adams, P Cutting. 14-20.

B Clayton, M Cogdell, C Emans. 18-13.

T Cutting, M Lummis, D Miller. 24-12.

D Roberts, G Owens, A Hails. 11-16.


Upper Waveney Triples

27/6/19 – Thornham Magna 50 (1 point) v Dickleburgh 78 (6 points).

M Hopkins, M Lummis, D Lister. 11-30.

A Lister, M Ling, M Norman. 15-17.

J Norman, G Gurnett, K Crabbe. 11-19.

B Hunt, N Thomas, L Crick. 13-12.


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