News & Results 2019 – Week 15

NEWS & RESULTS – 2019 – Week 15 (29/7/19 to 4/8/19)


“Into the Valley of death road the 600” Well, not quite the case on Monday, but 111 shots must have brought down a few?? Also, Brenda, Mo & Laurie, suffering from a few grazes after a bad start, drew level at the 17th, then galloped away to save a point. David M, Mads & Colin took the heaviest blow – but they did draw level to 1-1 on the second end!! They were then blasted from all directions and were 1-24 at the 11th – the rest is too painful to talk about!! Similar game for Geoff, Phil & David L to be 0-12 down by the 8th and then, other than a couple on 4’s and a couple of 2’s to fire back – it was curtains!!! Finally, with Ivan back in the saddle – what could possibly go wrong? It all started quite well for the first 8 ends, and then they were caught from behind with a 4 and a 6, followed by stray shots all the way to the finish.

Perhaps we have better reading from the Afternoon teams – no, not really!! The A leam played at home against St Botolphs, a game I felt we should have won – and by golly, we needed to win? Bob, Geoff & Graham got away with a 5 and had a tight game up to the 13th at 13-12 up. It then all went “pear shaped”, losing the remaining 5 ends to lose by 8 shots.Alan Mel & Colin won their game, but with many self-inflicted errors on the way, giving away far too many shots – shots that they desperately needed! They also lost the final 3 ends – giving their opponents the match on a plate! A little unfair to St Botolphs – they did take advantage of our bad mistakes!

No worries for the B team – they had a bye!

Again, it was a Tuesday evening for the Upper Waveney team and it was off to Hoxne. Just one winning rink, that of Brenda, Nije & Laurie, who had a close game all the way and squeezed through on the final few ends to win by 2 shots. Ivan, Geoff & Kipp. Shared the ends, but theirs were all 1’s to their opponents odd 4, 3 & 2’s. Ann, Mel & Glyn were in the lead at the 8th, but then sat on 6 for 7 ends while their opponents added 16 shots. They did pull back 5 on the final 2 ends, but by then it was all over. Mo, Mel H & David had their quiet moment at the start and then joined in to lose by the amount lost in their quiet moment!!

Now surely, this has got to be good news? The Wednesday Triples Team at home against Old Newton and sure enough – another 5 points! But for Colin falling asleep at the final 2 ends – it could have been 6 points? Yes, Bob, Moira & Colin got away well and then had a close “nip & tuck” game and it was 14-14 with 1 end to go and they dropped a 1 – unlucky?? Trish, Mo & David M also lost and other than taking the first end – they were never in the game! Brenda, Jan & Phil led for most of their game, but did have a fright when they dropped a 4 at the 13th – unlucky for some! But no fears as they strolled home to win by 5 shots. Now we come to the Biggy, David R (that’s my boy), Glyn & Andie who started off with an 8 working up to 15-0 by the 5th, then gradually edged their way up to win by 15 shots.

Another Sunday and another tournament, this time – the Alan Cogdell Bowl!

It was also, another great day, with more attending that last week – 15 in all. Everyone turned up in their Club dress – well almost everyone – I will leave you guessing as to who the odd one was???

Philip did the business once again by arranging us into 3 rinks of pairs and included a joke in each rink, so we all had 18 ends of 3Wood resulting in an enjoyable afternoon’s bowling. There was a little disturbance when 2 old codgers almost came to blows showing each other how to measure!!! So you can tell from that – it was all serious stuff.

The usual food and raffle of course, but the winner on the day was MEL NORMAN.

Mind you – he was unbiasedly? helped along by wife Joy over the final session! Well done Mel.

Stowmarket 2wood League

29/7/19 – Combs Ford 111 (6 points) v Thornham Magna 49 (1 points).

D Miller, M Crick, C Emans. 7-38.

B Hunt, M Lummis, L Crick. 21-17.

I Doe, A Hails, K Crabbe. 9-29.

G Gurnett, P Cutting, K Crabbe. 12-27.


Stowmarket Afternoon League

30/7/19 – Thornham Magna A. 29 (2 points) v St Botolphs 35 (5 points).

A Roberts, M Hopkins, C Emans. 16-14.

B Clayton, G Gurnett, G Hawkes. 13-21.


Stowmarket Triples League.

31/7/19 – Thornham Magna 69 (5 points) v Old Newton 61 (2 points).

D Roberts, G Owens, A Hails. 26-11.

B Hunt, J Adams, P Cutting. 21-16.

B Clayton, M Cogdell, C Emans. 14-15.

T Cutting, M Lummis, D Miller. 8-19.


Upper Waveney Triples

30/7/19 – Hoxne 76 (6 points) v Thornham Magna 49 (1 point).

M Lummis, M Hopkins, D Lister. 12-22.

B Hunt, N Thomas, L Crick. 17-15.

I Doe, G Gurnett, K Crabbe. 8-17.

A Lister, M Norman, G Owens. 12-22.


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