News & Results 2019 – Week 17 (12/8/19 to 18/8/19)

NEWS & RESULTS – 2019 – Week 17 (12/8/19 to 18/8/19)

3 wins and a near miss this week, starting with a great win for the Monday 2Wood team at home against Walsham Le Willows. Ivan, Andie & Mel led the way and by the 12th end, they were 26-1 up. Walsham then fought back winning 6 of the remaining 9 ends – but left it too late! It was also a big win for David, Mads & Colin who held their opponents on 3 for 12 ends before they showed signs of any challenge. It was a “nip & tuck” game al the way for Brenda, Phil & Laurie and squeezed through with a 3 on the final end to win by 2 shots. It was a slow start for Geoff, Mo & Kip, but once they got started they took the lead and stayed there most of the way to win by 3 shots.

The Afternoon A team, now knowing they were safe from relegation, could relax a little to play away against Bramford. Bob, Moira & Alan had a good game, building up good heads but the Opponent skip just had the edge. The ends were shared but the game lost by just 2 shots. It was Mel, Geoff & Jan who, although behind for most of the first half, took control and romped home to win by 9 shots and the match.

The Afternoon B. team suffered a 7-0 defeat at home against Stanton. Phil, Ray & Glyn were leading by 1 shot after 10 ends, but then lost 7 of the remaining 8 ends to lose by 9 shots. Barry, Paul & David had a close game throughout and helped by a 5 early on, it was just those final few ends where the result slipped away.

Still looking to win the league, the Wednesday Triples team entertained Walsham Le Willows at home and conditions looked bleak! So the Captains decided on 12 ends only. David R, Glyn & Andie were 1 up after 6 ends and then lost their way and were in big trouble with 3 ends to go – then got a 5 on the final end to lose by 1! Trish, Mo & David M kept close and were 8-8 at the 9th – but then dropped a 3 and a 2! Bob, Moira & Colin started well and then lost their way in the middle to go 3 shots behind at the 9th, but then back on course to win the last 3 ends. No problems for Brenda, Jan & Phil and other than dropping a 3 at the second end, the rest was all glory – including a 7 at the 11th end! Well done and another 5 valuable points to Thornham!!

Another home game, this time it’s the Upper Waveney team entertaining Connaught and entertain they did with a very close match. All Thornham Rinks left it until the final few ends to challenge their opponents – we obviously prefer the dark!!! The winning rink, Brenda, Nije & Laurie, had a close game and were 13-14 down at the 14th, but 2×4’s over the final 4 ends made sure of 1 point. After a good start with a 5 at the 2nd, Mike, Mo & David soon lost the lead and trailed for the rest of the game. They did rally round in the dark to win the final 3 ends to gain a draw and ½ point. Joy, Geoff & Kipp struggled all the way and found themselves 11 shots adrift, but again in the dark, did crawl back to reduce the deficit to 6 shots. Mel H, Ann & Mel N had a real “roller coaster” of a game winning 2 ends, losing 5 ends, winning4 ends then losing 3 to be 9-16 down at the 14th. They then took the final 4 ends to finish just 1 shot down. As I said – we prefer the dark!


Stowmarket 2wood League

12/8/19 – Thornham Magna 94 (7 points) v Walsham Le Willows 51 (0 points).

I Doe, A Hails, M Norman. 30-10.

G Gurnett, M Lummis, K Crabbe. 18-15.

D Miller, M Crick, C Emans. 27-9.

B Hunt, P Cutting, L Crick. 19-17.


Stowmarket Afternoon League

13/8/19 – Bramford 31 (2 points) v Thornham Magna A. 38 (5 points).

B Clayton, M Cogdell, A Roberts. 16-18.

M Hopkins, G Gurnett, J Adams. 22-13.


13/8/19 – Thornham Magna B. 24 (0points) v Stanton 37 (7 points).

P Cutting, R Waterman, G Owens. 10-19.

B Paul, P Moore, D Miller. 14-18.


Stowmarket Triples League.

14/8/19 – Thornham Magna 53 (5 points) v Walsham Le Willows 44 (2 points).

T Cutting, M Lummis, D Miller. 9-13.

B Clayton, M Cogdell, C Emans. 12-10.

B Hunt, J Adams, P Cutting. 18-4.

D Roberts, G Owens, A Hails. 14-15.


Upper Waveney Triples

15/8/19 – Thornham Magna 68 (1½ Points) v Connaught 71 (5½ Points).

B Hunt, N Thomas, L Crick. 21-16.

M Ling, M Lummis, D Lister. 18-18.

J Norman, G Gurnett, K Crabbe. 15-21.

M Hopkins, A Lister, M Norman. 15-16.


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