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NEWS & RESULTS – 2021 – Week 1 (16/5/21 to 23/5/21)


Well, we’re back, hopefully – for ever – but who knows?? And isn’t it all complicated?, well it is for my poor old brain! I don’t really know what or who I can touch and my goodness – I do miss those cuddles – especially with the ladies!!

First, a sincere goodbye to our dear friend and Secretary for 26 years – David Miller – who sadly passed away last year – you will remain in our hearts forever!


Last season, we did manage to get in a few “roll-ups” in August and September and luckily enough played off all of our Club Competitions









Geoff’s Birthday and Roll-up






Cogdell Bowl Winner  – Tracy Webb


Final’s Day







2 Wood & G Clarke Winner- Laurie Crick







Ladies 2Wood Winner – Brenda Hunt







Ladies G Clarke Winner – Madsie Crick








Triples Winners – Alan Roberts, Trish Cutting & Peter Cottee








Mixed 4Wood Winner










Helen Crick Trophy – Bob Clayton








All things considered, we made the effort and enjoyed it!




And so on to 2021 and a very edgy start, but we got things away by the start of May with a few Roll-up’s and what a wonderful feeling it was too, to be back together amongst friends and raring to get started.

Now, I will not give any detailed reports just yet – aaaah! I must wait until my poor old brain synchronises with the mood of members – I do get into a lot of trouble at times!!! So I will kick off with the results.


Stowmarket 2Wood League

17/5/21 – Thornham Magna 58(6 points) v Stanton 47(0 points)

J Norman, J Adams, M Norman. 21-17

T Webb, M Crick, J Webb. 18-13.

B Hunt, P Cutting, L Crick. 19-17.


Tuesday Afternoon League

18/5/21 – GV & EE 37(5 points) v Thornham Magna 35(2 points).

A Roberts, P Moore, P Cottee. 13-24.

B Clayton, M Cogdell, G Gurnett. 22-13.


Wednesday Triples League

18/5/21 – St Botolphs 34(0 points) v Thornham Magna 71(6 points).

R Clayton, M Cogdell, A Hails. 27-12

G Owens, J Francis, J Webb. 29-8.

D Roberts, P Cutting, T Webb. 15-14.


Stowmarket 2Wood League

24/5/21 – St Botolphs 77(5 points) v Thornham Magna 46(1 points).

G Gurnett, A Hails, M Norman. 15-27.

J Norman, K Crabbe, L Crick. 6-36.

T Webb, M Crick, J Webb. 25-14.


Tuesday Afternoon League

25/5/21 – Thornham Magna 29(2 points) v Bramford 31(5 points).

P Moore, R Waterman, G Owens. 12-24.

A Roberts, B Paul, G Hawkes. 17-7.


Wednesday Triples League

26/5/21 – Thornham Magna 36(0 points) v Walsham Le Willows 51(6 points).

R Clayton, M Cogdell, J Francis. 16-17.

B Hunt, K Hatton, L Crick. 10-21.

D Roberts, T Cutting, P Cutting. 10-13.


Wednesday Triples League

27/5/21 – Thornham Magna 46(1 point) v Wortham 51(5 points).

M Hopkins, T Cutting, A Roberts. 13-12.

B Hunt, P Cutting, A Hails. 13-17.

D Roberts, T Webb, J Webb. 20-22.


Junior Cup

28/5/21 – Thornham Magna 96 beat St Botolphs 72.

T Webb, M Crick, J Webb. 23-17.

J Norman, A Roberts, M Norman. 32-16.

R Clayton, J Adams, K Crabbe. 21-17.

B Hunt, P Cutting, L Crick. 20-22.


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