planning permission granted – see plans below.

The Parish Hall was opened in 1924 for the benefit of the inhabitants of Thornham Magna and Thornham Parva and has served them well for nearly 100 years. Now, however, it is in need of a thorough upgrade so that it can continue to fulfil its intended aim of providing “an assembly place for the purpose of recreation and social intercourse, promoting good fellowship and destroying any feeling of isolation in life”.

Working with local architect, Roger Balmer, the Trustees have produced an outline plan to update the hall whilst retaining its charming atmosphere. Amongst other ideas, the plan includes modernising the toilets and providing disabled facilities, upgrading the kitchen and improving insulation. We now have approved plans of the proposed changes (pictured below). Please get in touch with your comments. A large print out of the plans is being hung in the hall and will be available for viewing at film shows and other events.

Plans for refurbishment and extension as approved by Mid Suffolk planning office.
Click on plan to download or view a large zoomable PDF copy.

Drawings of the existing hall can be viewed here.

In order to succeed in this project we need the support of the residents of The Thornhams and other users of the hall. Please contact us if you can help in any way – telephone me on 01379 672987.

Richard Jannaway for Thornham Parish Hall Trustees