Notes from Thornham

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Notes from Thornham

Below is the archive of my Notes from Thornham which appear in our local magazine, the Gislingham Messenger. Please feel free to download and print out.
__Many thanks are due to all those who supply information – and also Ancestry, the county archive and last but not least the fabulous British Newspaper Archive. And thank you to readers for your support.
Stephen Schwarz

074 September 2921.pdf
Thornham Village Hall aka Parish Hall

073 August 2021.pdf
The Folly aka Hermitage and Summer House,Thornham Walks

072July 2921.pdf
Philip Cattermole of Bramley Cottage, bookie

071 June 2921.pdf
The Street – postcards

070 May 2921.pdf
Horse Shoes opening and postcards

069 April 2021.pdf
Basil Brown and bicycles

068 March 2921.pdf
Two forges, Malcolm Archer

067 February 2021.pdf
Lamb’s forge in The Street

066 December 2020.pdf
The Suttons and Smallpox vaccination

065 November 2020.pdf
Fire-raisers at Swatisfield Hall, 1844

064 October 2020.pdf
The manors of Thornham

063 September 2020.pdf
Swatts or Swatisfield Hall

062 August 2020.pdf
VJ  Day, 1995 and 2020

061 July 2020.pdf
Hartismere Deanery seal

060 June 2020.pdf
Thornham Magna’s charities – Bennett and Gobbett

060 May 2020.pdf
The Reading Room in The Street, Thornham Magna, update

059 April 2020.pdf
Painting of the Worthies of Eye, 1827

058 March 2020
Weekly bus to Bury St Edmunds

057 Fqeb 2020.pdf
Our water supply: water mains, fire hydrants

056 Dec 2019.pdf
Winding and straight roads in the Thornhama

055 Nov 2019.pdf
Water supply in 1945: Edgar Granville MP on conditions in Mendlesham

054 Oct 2019.pdf
Tobias Clouting: clockmaker, ironmonger and farmer of Eye and Thornham Magna

053 Sept 2019.pdf
Thornham Memorial Cottage Hospital, Mellis Road, Gislingham; later children’s convalescent home

052 Aug 2019.pdf5
More about Low House, Thwaitre becoming High Low House, Greenwich, Connecticut, see also March 2016.

051 July 2019.pdf
Visit of Princess Margaret to Thornbam, 1983

050 June 2019.pdf
Stone from Barnack built our churches

049 May 2019.pdf
First train from Norwich and collapse of water tower at Thornham Hall stables, 1849

048 April 2019.pdf
Fire at Thornham village school, 1937

047 March 2019.pdf
Village names of the Thornhams, including Pilcock

046 Feb 2018.pdf
Veteran oaks

045 Dec 2018.pdf
Eliza Mayes, White Lodge, 1911

044 Nov 2018.pdf
People at Thornham Hall, 1860s, part 2

043 Oct 2018.pdf
People at Thornham Hall, 1860s, part 1

042 Sept 2018.pdf
Mr Perkins, Mr Whistlecraft and a very hot day in 1873

041 Aug 2018.pdf
How clean water came to the Thornhams

040 July 2018.pdf
The last bus to Thornham (except on Wednesdays)

039 June 2018.pdf
Kneelers in Thornham Parva church

038 May 2018.pdf
Farewell to the brick letterbox opposite Red House

037 April 2018.pdf
Wortham Tithe War, 1931

036 March 2018.pdf
Ordnance Survey benchmarks

035 Feb 2018.pdf
Yaxley Halt on the Mellis and Eye railway

034 Dec 2017.pdf
Village Christmas parties in the 1950s and 1960s

033 Nov 2017.pdf
Mellis and Eye railway

032 Oct 2017.pdf
Tour of Britain bike race 2017

031 Sept 2017.pdf
Thornham Estate cottage numbers

030 Aug 2017.pdf
Nat Hawes’ cycle shop, Thornham Parva

029 July 2017.pdf
Spinning: false and short yarn, 1787

028 June 2017.pdf
18th century smuggling in Thwaite, part 2

027 May 2017.pdf
18th century smuggling in Thwaite, part 1

026 April 2017.pdf
Norwich to London by rail and sea, 1851

025 March 2017.pdf
The Henniker Archive: Thornham Estate map and diplomatic letters from Charles II carried by Lord Chandos to the Ottoman Empire and not used.

024 Feb 2017.pdf
Our District Nurse, c1910

023 Dec 2016.pdf
Norwich to London stage coach overloaded with turkeys at Christmas

022 Nov 2016.pdf
Auxiliary Units: secret Chariot Zero radio station in Thornham

021 Oct 2016.pdf
Post Bus: Diss and Gislingham via Thornham

020 Sept 2016.pdf
Grants to both Thornham churches

019  Aug 2016.pdf
The milestone on the A140 Norwich turnpike

018 July 2016.pdf
Thornham Estate brickworks

017 June 2016.pdf
Thornham Magna windmill

016 May 2016.pdf
The Reading Room in The Street, Thornham Magna 1

015 April 2016.pdf
Thwaite High House – the Cock

014 March 2016.pdf
Thwaite Low House (Queen’s Head) reborn in Greenwich, Connecticut as the High Low House of Isaac and Edith Newton Phelps Stokes, see also Aug 2019.

013 Feb 2016.pdf
Letterboxes of the Thornhams

012 Dec 2015.pdf
The Norwich road and Stonham Pie or Magpie, 1901

011 Nov 2015.pdf
Thornham Hall, church and ford, 181

010 Oct 2015.pdf
Horse drawn wooden snow plough

009 Sept 2015.pdf
Heritage Open Day 2015: Willis Faber building and Freston Tower