News & Results 2018 – Week 13 (16/7/18)

NEWS & RESULTS – 2018 – Week 13 (16/7/18 to 22/7/18)


WARNING – Anyone of a nervous disposition/temperament, please switch off now. What you are about to read may upset many of you and I do not wish to feel responsible for any possible negative reactions you may suffer!!!

6 games, 6 defeats and several unsavoury kickings while we were down. However, a quick brush down and a shake of the head and we will be back – hopefully??

No kicking’s for the Monday 2Wood team, as their defeat was unlucky in a way after winning on 3 rinks quite comfortably. It was Mike, Ivan & David L who had to take the brunt, winning just 4 ends and crashing out by 29 shots. Brenda, Phil & Laurie struggled to keep in touch, but with the aid of a 5 on the 19th end, pushed them in front to win by 3 shots. David M, Mads & Mel led for most of the way and were just 2 shots up at the 15th, and then took all 6 of the remaining ends for a 13 shots win. Mo, Andie & Kipp also led all the way for their 10 shots towards a total of 76 – only 3 shots off the winners!

The first of the kicking’s came on Tuesday for the Afternoon A team at Bramford, with Geoff, Jan & Alan unable to compete with a Bramford set who knew their green better than we did. We dropped a 6 at the beginning and a 6 at the end – that didn’t help? – And our opponents simply had all the answers!! The 2 Bob’s & David had a closer game and won their share of the ends. Sadly, they dropped a 6 in the middle of the game and that gave their opponents the edge.

The Afternoon B team are also feeling a little sore after their game at home against Eastern Electricity. Both rinks had a similar pattern, although Nije, Georgina & John did manage a 3 on the second end to go in front, but that’s as good as it got. Paul, Sheila & Ray did win 6 ends but were never in touch throughout their game.

Just 1 point for Thornham at Wortham – not the sort of result that will help the team hold on to their top position!! Bob, Moira & Alan played 3 ends before entering the score card and lagged behind all the way home with a disappointing 9 shots defeat. Much the same can be said for David, Jack & Phil, but they did fight back by taking the final 4 ends, cutting their deficit down to 5 shots. Brenda, Jan & Laurie got themselves into trouble half way when they dropped a 6, 2 and a1 to go 9 behind at the 9th end, but retaliated with a 2, 1 and a7 to go 1 shot in the lead. But that’s as good as it got and they finished 6 shots adrift. The saviours from a real kicking were Trish, Glyn & Andie who shot away from the start and held on to a substantial lead to take the overall score to within 5 shots.

After beating Diss earlier in the season, the Upper Waveney Team played away and came home with absolutely nothing – ziltch!!! And on paper – they all looked strong rinks!?! Brenda, Phil & Laurie just crawled along and found themselves 12 shots down at the 12th. They then found a spring in their step and crawled back, then on the final end – bang wallop, they got an 8! ! I’d like to know whose wood was missing from the pack?? And was this 8 due to Angie going off to make the tea??? Bob, Ann & David got off to a wonderful start and with 6 ends to go at 18-9 up never looked like losing in a “month of Sundays”. But they did – by losing the remaining 6 ends! The damage was all done in the first half for Joy, Geoff & Mo and they were 14 shots down on the 9th. The next half was very even but with no effect on their overall score and losing by those 14 shots. Mike, Kipp & Mel had a close first half, but then lost touch, scoring only 3 shots over the next 9 ends.

Friday 20th, the Stowmarket Knockout Cup at Woodfield and the final countdown – or countup – whichever way you look at it!!! Now Laurie knows what it’s like to be humiliated by a bunch of hooligans. Sorry Woodfield – I don’t really mean that! Lovely family, especially my old mate Roger – wouldn’t hurt a fly?? But 0-31 after 13 ends!! Bob, Mel & David L, started their game quite well, until the 5th end when they dropped a 7. They got a 3 back, but then dropped another7 – that’s when the rot really set in and before long; their opponents were in their 30’s! Mo, Mads & Kipp were doing so well until they got stuck on 12 at the 12th – the rest is history! As for Mike, Phil & Alan, I could spend another 2 pages writing about that game – but I won’t!! I won’t even “blow my own trumpet”, but I will just mention my trick shot with my final wood. With all the other rinks finished, they stood watching the master preparing for a grand finale by taking out an opponent’s wood. With the preparation over, the wood came smoothly out of the hand, but went shooting off in the wrong direction towards the next rink – wrong bias, oh well, they had something to laugh at!!!


Stowmarket 2wood League

16/7/18 – Ixworth 79 (4 points) v Thornham Magna 76 (3 points).

D Miller, M Crick, M Norman. 23-10.

M Porter, I Doe, D Lister. 7-36.

B Hunt, P Cutting, L Crick. 24-21.

M Lummis, A Hails, K Crabbe. 22-12.



Stowmarket Afternoon League

17/7/18 – Bramford 49 (7 points) v Thornham Magna A. 27 (0 points).

G Gurnett, J Adams, A Roberts. 13-30.

B Clayton, B Kilbey, D Lister. 14-19.


17/7/18 – Thornham Magna B. 19 (0 points) v Eastern Electricity 48 (7 points).

N Thomas, G Owen, J Owen. 10-25.

P Moore, S Waterman, R Waterman. 9-22.


Stowmarket Triples League.

18/7/18 – Wortham 68 (6 points) v Thornham Magna 63 (1 point).

B Clayton, M Cogdell, A Roberts. 8-17.

B Hunt, J Adams, L Crick. 19-25.

D Miller, J Roberts, P Cutting. 11-16.

T Emans, G Owens, A Hails. 25-10.


Upper Waveney Triples

19/7/18 – Thornham Magna 62 (0 points) v Diss A. 86 (7 points).

M Ling, K Crabbe, M Norman. 13-17.

J Norman, G Gurnett, M Lummis. 12-26.

B Kilbey, A Lister, D Lister. 18-20.

B Hunt, P Cutting, L Crick. 19-23.


Stowmarket Knockout Cup

20/7/18 – Woodfield 100 beat Thonham Magna 57.

M Porter, P Cutting, A Roberts. 28-12.

M Lummis, M Crick, K Crabbe. 14-22.

B Kilbey, M Norman, D Lister. 12-32.

J Norman, A Lister, L Crick. 3-34.


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News & Results 2018 – Week 12 (9/7/18 to 15/7/18).

NEWS & RESULTS – 2018 – Week 12 (9/7/18 to 15/7/18)

 We start this week with yet another win for the Monday 2Wood team at St Botolphs – only just mind you! But a win none the less! Mike, Mel & David L led the way by taking the reins from the second end and kept a steady lead all the way to win by 10 shots. They did have a little blip in the middle when their opponents came back from 5-15 down to 12-15, but that was the only sign of pressure. It was a little close at the start for Mo, Andie & Kipp and they were 9-12 down at the 12th, but then took 8 of the remaining 9 ends to win by 8 shots. Brenda, Phil & Laurie had a close game, but were trailing for most of their game. They did get within 1 shot with 2 ends to go – but then dropped 4 more shots! David M, Mads & Colin never managed to compete, other than a spell of 9 shots over 5 ends after the 13th, but never made any real impression – losing by 10 shots!

A much needed 5 points for the Afternoon A. team against a strong Haughley team – the only game they have lost!! Grayham, Jack & Colin struggled in the first half of their game and dropped 2×5’s on the way to being 5-16 down by the 9th end. They were 9-19 down at the 11th and then held on by the skin of their teeth and won the remaining 6 ends to finish within 4 shots – well done! Geoff, Jan & Alan led from start to finish against a completely bewildered Haughley set. They were good! But they couldn’t handle Geoff and Jan who both played out of their minds. I, as Skip, could have gone for a lie down and the result would have been much the same! What’s different you might say?? Great game Geoff and Jan!!

The Afternoon B. team can hold their head high again after a very close finish at Haughley against their B team. Barry, Glyn & John got away well with a 4 and never looked back and were 9 shots up by mid-way, then holding on to that lead to the finish. The other rink had to field just 2 players – Georgina & Mike! Not good news against Haughley, but they held on as well as they could until mid-way when they hit a bad spell, losing 5 ends at a cost of 15 shots. The signs were looking towards a heavy team defeat until Georgina & Mike rallied round to take the final 3 ends and 7 shots to draw the match – Great!!!

Not good news again for the Upper Waveney team, losing at home to Stradbroke. Mike, Paul & Mel got off to a good start and were 5-1 up after 4 ends, but they decided to stick on 5 for the next 7 ends – oh dear!! They won 3 more ends to finish 14 shots adrift. The other losing rink was that of Joy, Geoff & Mo – but a lot closer game. In fact, they were in the lead at the 15th by 2 shots, but lost the remaining 3 ends to lose by 4 shots. Ivan, Ann & David got away well to be 10-2 at the 7th, but stuck on 10 for 6 ends. They soon came back to gallop away for a 7 shots win. Another 7 shots win was by Brenda, Phil & Kipp in a very low scoring game, winning 13 of the 18 ends, consisting of 10×1’s and 3×2’s – but a wins a win and another point!

Friday see another round of the Marie Curie and on paper – a difficult venue! Yes, Thorndon on their green and all their talent – difficult is the word! And when Colin could last only 1 end due to an injury – even more difficult!! The remaining 2, Trish & Alan played on for a few ends and out of the goodness of his heart, David Cattermole gave permission for someone to get Brenda to step in – she lives close by of course! By the time she arrived, we were 0-10 down after 5 ends, but we then started to claw our way back and got to 13-15 down on the 20th end. The lord then shone a beam of light on us and bingo – we got a 3 on the final end to win by 1 shot! Halleluiah and thank you David! Geoff, Mads & Mel soon got into the lead and were 10 shots up by mid-way. The tide then turned, but Thornham held on to win by 4 shots. Joy, Phil & Laurie had a close game and left it until the second half to pick up their surplus of 6 shots. It was almost a clean sheet with Ann and the 2 David’s competing well and leading by 3 shots at the 18th, but dropped 6 shots over the final 3 ends to lose by 3.

Congratulations to Thorndon for their efforts in raising extra cash for the Marie Curie by donating all of their rink fees and proceeds of the raffle, resulting in a commendable amount of £119.50 – well done Thorndon!

On a personal note, Marie Curie fill a special place in my heart for the way they helped me through the final 2 weeks of my darling Shirley’s life – thank you!


Stowmarket 2wood League

9/7/18 – St Botolphs 70 (2 points) v Thornham Magna 73 (5 points).

M Porter, M Norman, D Lister. 24-14.

M Lummis, A Hails, K Crabbe. 21-13.

D Miller, M Crick, C Emans. 13-23.

B Hunt, P Cutting, L Crick. 15-20.


Stowmarket Afternoon League

10/7/18 – Thornham Magna A. 34 (5 points) v Haughley A. 28 (2 points).

G Hawkes, J Roberts, C Emans. 15-19.

G Gurnett, J Adams, A Roberts. 19-9.


10/7/18 – Haughley B. 36 (3½ points) v Thornham Magna B. 36 (3½ points).

Georgina Owen, M Ling. 12-21.

B Paul, G Owens, J Owen. 24-15.


Stowmarket Triples League.

11/7/18 – Bildeston v Thornham Magna – Postponed due to some kind of football match?


Upper Waveney Triples

12/7/18 – Thornham Magna 63 (2 points) v Stradbroke 67(5 points).

M Ling, P Moore, M Norman. 9-23.

J Norman, G Gurnett, M Lummis. 17-21.

I Doe, A Lister, D Lister. 21-14.

B Hunt, P Cutting, K Crabbe. 16-9.


Marie Curie

13/7/18 – Thorndon 70 lost to Thornham Magna 78

B Hunt, T Emans, A Roberts. 16-15.

J Norman, P Cutting, L Crick. 21-15.

D Miller, A Lister, D Lister. 18-21.

G Gurnett, M Crick, M Norman. 23-19.

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News & Results 2018 – Week 11

NEWS & RESULTS – 2018 – Week 11 (2/7/18 to 8/7/18)

 Not the best of weeks I’m afraid, with only 2 win from 6 games – must be the heat!!

The Monday 2Wood team continued their good form with a 6-1 win over Bildeston. Ivan, Andie & Mo were 15-1 up at half way, but the Bideston rink did come back well in the second half to within 7 shots. Brenda, Phil & Laurie dropped a 5 on the 1st end, but won the next 6 ends to go 8 in front and stayed in front for the remainder of the game. David M, Mads & Colin had a close game and were just 1 shot up at the 13th, but then drew well away by winning 7 of the final 8 ends. Mike, Mel & David L didn’t turn up until the final 4 ends – and a run of 9 zero’s in the middle!

The Afternoon A team desperately needed some points at Needham, but failed on both rinks. Bob K, Jan & Grayham won 10 ends to their opponents 8, but Needham had 4 x 3’s and a 4 in their 8 ends with Thornham getting 2’s at the most – that was the deciding factor!! Bob C, Moira & Alan had great difficulty settling down, with Rita Robertson, Needhams lead, so consistent. However, it was a very close game, with Needham having the edge on the final end.

The Afternoon B. team took on St Edmundsbury at home with great success and almost 7 points. Mike, Georgina & David Led from start to finish, allowing their opponents just 6 ends and finished 12 shots to the good. Similarly, Barry, John & Glyn led for most of their game and won 10 of the 18 ends, but faltered over the final 4 ends dropping 7 shots to lose by 4. Unlucky – but a well-earned 5 points!

On the Tuesday evening it was time for the Upper Waveney KO Cup at Pulham Market and a chance for some light exercise – yes, it was a little heavy! In fact, it was so difficult to get started – 2 rinks lost their games in the first 3 ends! Bob K, Ann & David were 0-5 after 3 ends and lost by 3. Brenda, Phil & Ivan 0-14 down after 4 ends and lost by 9. So both those rinks pulled back appreciatively. Geoff, Ray & Mel never got going and lost all 5 of the final ends to go down by 15 shots. Joy, Mo & Kipp had a much closer game and reversed the trend by taking the last 3 ends and 8 shots to win their game.

It was a rare defeat for the Wednesday Triples team, against Needham Market at home – even after winning on 3 rinks! David M, Mads & Jack was the rink crumpled, and after being just 3 shots behind at the 12th and in with a shout, lost the final 6 ends by a costly 13 shots. The other 3 rinks were all very close throughout the whole match and all managed to edge forward over the final ends to earn a precious 3 points.

It was a rare occasion for me on Thursday, to play for the Upper Waveney team – and I haven’t slept since!! You may of course wonder why?? Just look at the scores on my rink – say no more! The match was at Gissing and I must say – they were very good! But the other rinks did put up a respectable fight – even though they all lost! Joy, Phil & Kipp had a close game and were in the lead by the 13th, stopping their opponent from scoring for 7 ends. But that’s as good as it got and they dropped 8 shots over the last 5 ends. Brenda, Ann & Laurie also had a close game and also lost out over the final ends. After the first 3 ends, Bob, Mo & Mel were always behind and looked like losing heavily, but came up with a 6 at the 16th – in time to make their score line more acceptable!! Now, if Alan, Ray & David could have come up with a 6 on the 14th, 15th, 16th – oh never mind!!!!

On Sunday we staged the now annual event of the ladies & Men’s George Clarke competition. Not the best of turn-out, but enough to have a most enjoyable afternoon of bowls and socialising. The format was similar to other events of ours, but more complicated to organise. However, good old Philip had everything under control and organised us all to perfection and it all ran very smoothly.

Some of us played a little more than others and I for one played 48 ends of 4 woods in sweltering conditions – quite exhausting, but very enjoyable!!

And the winners on the day who go through to the finals at the end of the season, are;-

LADIES – Brenda Hunt                              and Moira Cogdell




MENS – Glyn Owens                                                       and Alan Roberts






Thank you to all those who contributed raffle prizes and most important – the delicious selection of food! Also, a big thanks to Barbara and Philip for running the show – well done!

 Stowmarket 2wood League

2/7/18 – Thornham Magna 83 (6 points) v Bildeston 63 (1 point).

B Hunt, P Cutting, L Crick. 25-16.

M Porter, M Norman, D Lister. 15-22.

D Miller, M Crick, C Emans. 23-12.

I Doe, A Hails, M Lummis. 20-13.


Stowmarket Afternoon League

3/7/18 – Needham Market A. 37 (7 points) V Thornham Magna A. 31 (0 points).

B Clayton, M Cogdell, A Roberts. 16-17.

B Kilbey, J Adams, G Hawkes. 15-20.


3/7/18 – Thornham Magna B. 38 (5 points). V St Edmundsbury 28 (2 points).

M Ling, G Owen, D Miller. 24-10.

B Paul, J Owen, G Owens. 14-18.


Stowmarket Triples League.

4/7/18 – Thornham Magna 58 (3 points) v Needham Market 67 (4 points).

D Miller, M Crick, J Roberts. 6-22.

B Clayton, M Cogdell, C Emans. 18-15.

A Roberts, J Adams, L Crick. 14-11.

D Roberts, G Owens, A Hails. 20-19.


Upper Waveney Triples

5/7/18 – Gissing 88 (7 points) v Thornham Magna 42 (0 points).

J Norman, P Cutting, K Crabbe. 12-18.

B Hunt, A Lister, L Crick. 9-15.

B Kilbey, M Lummis, M Norman. 17-21.

A Roberts, R Waterman, D Lister. 4-34..


Upper Waveney Knockout Cup

4/7/18 – Pulham Market 74 Beat Thornham Magna 53.

B Hunt, P Cuttin, I Doe. 14-23.

B Kilbey, A Lister, D Lister. 11-14.

G Gurnett, R Waterman, M Norman. 10-25.



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Parish Hall, Draft Minutes, 27th June 2018

Click here to view the draft minutes

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News & Results 2018 – Week 10 (25/6/18 to 1/7/18).

NEWS & RESULTS – 2018 – Week 10 (25/6/18 to 1/7/18))

 Another 5 wins from 6, a long way to go yet, but generally – the club is doing very well!!

It was another win for the Monday team – but only just!!! With 2 rinks losing, Brenda, Phil & Laurie had to make allowances by winning 14 of their 21 ends for a 10 shots win. Mo, Andie & Kipp got away well but got stuck on 6 shots for 7 ends and were 6-17 down at the 10th. They pulled back well in the second half to get within 4 shots. The othe losing rink, Mike, Mel & David L, had a close game and were 5 shots up with 3 ends to go, but dropped 7 shots to finish 2 down. David M, Mads & Colin had a dreadful start and didn’t get on the board until the 7th end, then crawled back for a draw.

The Tuesday afternoon Match at home against Stanton started as though we were in for a close battle, but Stanton didn’t see it that way, with Bob, Jack & Alan getting a right old kicking, with a lockout period stuck on 6 shots for 8 ends while Stanton piled in 21 shots – including a 6 and a 5!!??! Fortunately, Geoff, Jan & Colin, although dropping a 1 and a 5 at the first 2 ends, they took command by the 5th and led all the way home for a precious 2 points.

The Afternoon B. team travelled to Stanton to play their B. team. Both rinks of Sheila, David & Ray and Barry, Glyn & Paul struggled to get away and were losing the match by 13 shots at the 12th end. There was then a miraculous recovery by both rinks in accumulating 24 shots between them over the final 6 ends to win the match, with Barry, Glyn & Paul winning their rink by taking the last 7 ends and 15 shots – well done and 5 valuable points!

For the 3rd time in 8 days, Thornham are off to play Old Newton. This time it’s the Wednesday Triple team up for the challenge – could it be 3 wins out of 3? Yes it was – and a closely fought match! It was David R, Glyn & Andie who set the pace by taking a 10-0 lead after 4 ends and 3 ends later it was 15-1. They continued their onslaught to the end, but did drop a 6 at the 14th on the way. David M, John & Jack had a close game that could have gone either way – with Jack receiving praise for his first game as skip! Alan, Trish & Colin had a bit of an “up & down” game and were in trouble going into the final end, then suddenly, Colin came out of his shell and we finished with a 5 to snatch the game. Brenda, Jan & Laurie led for most of the way but switched off over the final 4 ends dropping 9 shots to lose by 5.

It was a big win for the Upper Waveney team at home against Dickleburgh and 6 well-earned points. Ray, Mo & Kipp, after winning the first 3 ends, were always behind from the 5th end onward when they dropped a 5 and never recovered. Brenda, Phil & Ivan lost the first 2 ends and then recovered with a 7. From there on they never looked back to a 14 shots victory – and that was after dropping a 5 on the final end!! Ann, Bob & David just stormed away, giving their opponents just 4 ends on the way to a 25 shot win and a 6 on the final end. Joy, Geoff & Mel were also mean to their opponents by allowing them only 6 ends and claiming yet another 11 shots.

On to Friday and the Thurlow Shield, and who should it be against – Haughley!! It was a dreadful start all round and it looked as though we were in for a hiding! At 8 ends, Bob, Mo & Laurie were down by 9 shots and Geoff, Jan & Alan were down by 11 shots – down on the match by 20 shots – yes, we were in for a hiding!!! Bob and Mo swapped around and suddenly, 2x 5’s and a 2 put them in front to make a fight of it and then with the aid of another 5, raced home to win by 11 shots. Geoff, Jan & Alan also had a quick change but back again and still struggled but rallied over the last 5 ends to get within 4 shots. And so together, a good win against a good side and on to the next round.

And there’s more! On Saturday, a few of us gathered for relaxing afternoon with a Drive, Target Bowls, all followed by an absolutely fabulous “Summer Supper” on the veranda. It was also nice to see our old friends – Shirley & David Ewer in attendance. I don’t really have a lot to say; only that it was a very enjoyable day and a big thank you to those who made it possible – sadly, no pictures!!

As a matter of interest, a little bit of news about County Competitions.

Laurie & Kipp are through to the Senior Pairs Area Semi- Final’s.

Maureen & Kipp are through to the Mixed Pairs Area’s also.


Stowmarket 2wood League

25/6/18 – Bacton 75(2½ points) v Thornham Magna 79 (4½ points).

B Hunt, P Cutting, L Crick. 24-14.

D Miller, M Crick, C Emans. 18-18.

M Porter, M Norman, D Lister. 19-21.

M Lummis, A Hails, K Crabbe. 18-22.


Stowmarket Afternoon League

26/6/18 – Thornham Magna A. 34 (2 points) v Stanton A. 44 (5 points).

B Kilbey, J Roberts, A Roberts. 12-28.

G Gurnett, J Adams, C Emans. 22-16.


26/6/18 – Stanton B. 28 (2 points) v Thornham Magna B. 35 (5 points).

S Waterman, D Miller, R Waterman. 13-17.

B Paul, G Owens, P Moore. 22-11.



Stowmarket Triples League.

27/6/18 – Old Newton 64 (2 points) v Thornham Magna 73 (5 points).

A Roberts, T Emans, C Emans. 20-17.

B Hunt, J Adamas, L Crick. 16-21.

D Roberts, G Owens, A Hails. 26-12.

D Miller, J Blake, J Roberts. 11-14.


Upper Waveney Triples

28/6/18 – Thornham Magna 91 (6 points) v Dickleburgh 52 (1 point).

B Hunt, P Cutting, I Doe. 28-14.

A Lister, B Kilbey, D Lister. 32-7.

J Norman, G Gurnett, M Norman. 20-9.

R Waterman, M Lummis, K Crabbe. 11-22.


Thurlow Shield

29/6/18 – Thornham Magna A. 45 beat Haughley 38.

B Kilbey, M Lummis, L Crick. 30-19.

G Gurnett, J Adams, A Roberts. 15-19.



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News & Results 2018 – Week 9 (18/6/18 to 24/6/18)

NEWS & RESULTS – 2018 – Week 9 (18/6/18 to 24/6/18))

 Another busy week, with 6 wins out of 7 – we must be a force to be reckoned with!!! Does that sound right?

Anyway, once again the Monday team set the scene with a win at Stanton. Brenda, Phil & Laurie got away well and were 11-1 up after 8 ends. The tide then turned and they lost a string of high scores to find themselves 13-15 down at the15th. It was then “nip & tuck” to the end for a draw. Mo, Andie & Kipp were always behind, but did pull back a little over the final 3 ends to lose by just 4 shots. David M, Mads & Colin were well in trouble to be 14 shots down after 7 ends, but rapidly fought back to be within 2 shots 5 ends later. They lost ground again, but did have a rush for the post and won 5 of the last 6 ends to win by 5 shots. The big win was from Ivan, Mel & David L, winning 12 ends on the trot to go 20 shots up by the 14th – end and then just cruised home!

It was a good win for the Afternoon A. team against Ixworth – although there were anxious moments! Bob, Moira & Colin looked comfortable and led all the way, but their opponents did creep back to within 3 shots. Grayham, Jack & Alan had a bad start, but a good run of 6 ends in the middle of their game put them in front by 5 shots. They lost their way again to go behind, but 9 shots over the final 4 ends gave them a comfortable win.

The Afternoon B. team are still struggling to get another win under their belt. Paul, Barry & Mike had a close game up to the 12th end to be 1 shot behind. They then lost all of the remaining 6 ends to lose by 11 shots. Georgina, Glyn & Ray had a tight game all the way and had their moments of being in front – but St Bots just had the edge! Bad luck!!

On the Tuesday evening, Thornham hosted a match against Old Newton in the Marie Curie and although winning only 1 rink, we won the match – it’s shots that count!!. It was the rink of Joy, Phil & Laurie who saved the day with a resounding win by 20 shots. There opponents did win 6 ends, but with no real effect on the game. Alan, Mads & Bob had the lead for most of the time but lost their way a little in the middle of their game. They were in the lead by 2 shots with 2 ends to go and then dropped a1 then a 2 to lose by 1 shot.

It was another great win for the Wednesday team and that was against league leaders – Gipping Valley, and the 6 points pushes Thornham above Gipping and to the top of the league. It was Brenda, Jan & Laurie leading the way and allowing their opponents to win only 3 ends with a sparkling performance. David R, Glyn & Andie also had a good result, after a slow start and leading by only 1 shot by the 9th end. From there on it was all about Thornham and they raced home claiming another 11 shots. Alan, Trish & Colin had a much closer game throughout and they were 18-18 with 2 ends to go, but a 1 then a 5 sealed the game, with Trish, without a doubt, the star performer, carrying two poor old men – sorry Colin!!! As for David M, Jack & Phil, they led all the way from the start and were 5 shots up at the 18th end, and then bang, they dropped 2×3’s to lose by 1 shot – almost an overall 7 points victory!!

Thursday, and it was the Upper Waveney Team’s time to have a taste of glory by beating Beeches by 2 shots and 4 ½ points. With only 1 winning rink, it was Mike, Ann & Mel who gathered enough shots to win the match by 2 shots. They were close throughout their game, but stormed home with 3×4’s over the final 4 ends. Another very close game was fought by Joy, Geoff & Bob, coming home with another ½ point. In fact, the other 2 rinks of Brenda, Phil & David and Ray, Mo & Kipp were also close, but lagged slightly all the way and both dropped 2 shots on the final end. However, they did win the same number of ends each – if that’s some consolation!!

And so it goes on – “V” for victory for the 6th time this week! Saturday 23rd, another cup match and again it was Old Newton, but this time at Old Newton. I can’t say a lot as the cards seem to have vanished (possibly stolen by David Canfer to prevent me saying too much) – only joking David!! I do know that the winning rinks were David Lister, Mel & Joy (approx. 12 shots) and Colin, Phil & Mike (approx. 11 shots)


Stowmarket 2wood League

18/6/18 – Stanton 67 (1½ points) v Thornham Magna 87(5½ points).

B Hunt, P Cutting, L Crick. 20-20.

D Miller, M Crick, C Emans. 25-20.

I Doe, M Norman, D Lister. 29-10.

M Lummis, A Hails, K Crabbe. 13-17.


Stowmarket Afternoon League

19/6/18 – Thornham Magna A. 34 (7 points) v Ixworth 25 (0 points).

G Hawkes, J Roberts, A Roberts. 20-14.

B Clayton, M Cogdell, C Emans. 14-11.


19/6/18 – St Botolphs 42 (7 points) v Thornham Magna B. 29 (0 points).

P Moore, B Paul, M Ling. 12-23.

G Owen, G Owens, R Waterman. 17-19.



Stowmarket Triples League.

20/6/18 – Gipping Valley 51 (1 point) v Thornham Magna 91 (6 points).

D Miller, J Roberts, P Cutting. 14-15.

D Roberts, G Owens, A Hails. 22-10.

B Hunt, J Adams, L Crick. 31-8.

A Roberts, T Emans, C Emans. 24-18.



Upper Waveney Triples

21/6/18 – Thornham Magna 62 (4½ Points) v Beeches 60 (2½ points).

R Waterman, M Lummis, K Crabbe. 14-20.

J Norman, G Gurnett, B Kilbey. 12-12.

B Hunt, P Cutting, D Lister. 13-17.

M Ling, A Lister, M Norman. 23-11.


Marie Curie

19/6/18 – Thornham Magna 78 Beat Old Newton 63.

D Miller, A Lister, D Lister. 17-17.

G Gurnett, A Hails, M Norman. 14-18.

J Norman, P Cutting, L Crick. 31-11.

A Roberts, M Crick, B Kilbey. 16-17.


Stowmarket Knockout Cup

23/6/18 – Thornham Magna 72ish beat Old Newton 61ish.

Mislaid cards, so no further details – see report.



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News & Results 2018 – Week 8 (11/6 to 17/6).

NEWS & RESULTS – 2018 – Week 8 (11/6 to 17/6)


3 wins out of 4 this week – not bad!! It also appears that there are still a few members doing well in the County Competitions – so good luck to them!

The Monday 2Wood team continue their run of success with a handsome win at home over Needham Market – unbeaten so far! The surprise game was that of Brenda, Phil & Laurie who only won 5 ends on their favourite rink. It seems that it was Rita Robertson of Needham who was setting the pace in this game? It was a close game for Mike, Mel & David L, nip & tuck all the way and just held on at the end. Mo, Andie & Kipp took the lead from the start and were 6-1 up after 5 ends. A 5 at the 8th put them in a commanding position and they held on to their lead, and then took the final 3 ends to seal their win. David M, Mads & Colin got away well to be 11-1 up at the 7th end. They then took a rest for a few ends, but came back with a 6 to set them off again and won the final 8 ends.

The Afternoon A. team had a not too convincing win at Bildeston. Bob C, Moira & Colin were 0-8 down after only 3 ends and spent the rest of the game desperately trying to get back on terms. They did have a surge towards the end to be 13-13 at the 15th, but just lost out over the final 3. Geoff, Bob K & Alan took hold from the start and were 14-1 up by half way and never looked in trouble – well covering the other rink – in theory of course!!! The facts are, the Thornham Rink dropped a 1 then a 5 to put the match very close and panic set in like the previous week at Woodfield – oh dear! However, with a 2 on the final end we scraped through by the skin of our teeth with an overall win by 2 shots – whew!!

With only 2 points behind the league leaders Gipping valley, the Wednesday Triples team were in need of a good win against Walsham – and that they got! After saying that, it is so close between 5 or 6 teams – even the odd point lost can change things! It was John, Jack & David M who were punished badly in the second half of their game. They were 10-4 up and got stuck on 10 for the next 8 ends. They did recover a little and were 14-15 down going into the final end, but dropped a 3 – hard luck!!! David R, Glyn & Andie managed a draw after a close fought battle. Brenda, Trish & Laurie together with Bob, Moira & Alan, both having resounding wins, pushed the score line through the roof to a 46 shots victory. In fact, between them they won by 50 shots.

As a result of a heavy defeat for 1 rink, The Upper Waveney team lost at Connaught and came away with just 2 points. It was Mike, Mads & Bob who had a “bad day at the office”, winning only 4 ends towards their 25 shots beating. Brenda, Ann & Laurie, plus Joy, Mel & David between them covered that deficit. Ray, Phil & Kipp were always behind from the start until they got a 5 to draw level at the 10th end. They then went ahead for a few ends and were 17-16 up at the 15th but lost the final 3 ends to go down by 4 shots – the number of shot that lost the match!!

Not the best of turn-outs for the Club Pairs Day on Sunday. You know these fixtures are all important dates on our calendars and desperately need your support – it is also good experience for new members! However, for those who did attend, it was another great day with good weather, good spirit and some great bowling – a tonic for those who run the events!

As for the result, it was a repeat of last year with David Lister & Alan Roberts losing in the Final, this time to Madeleine Crick & Keith Crabbe. It was a great final with plenty of terrific shots from both sides, with Mads & Kipp just squeezing through on the final end to finish worthy winners – well done!


Stowmarket 2wood League

11/6/18 – Thornham Magna 83 (6 points) v Needham Market 63 (1 point).

M Lummis, A Hails, K Crabbe. 23-12.

D Miller, M Crick, C Emans. 32-7.

B Hunt, P Cutting, L Crick. 9-28.

M Porter, M Norman, D Lister. 19-16.


Stowmarket Afternoon League

12/6/18 – Bildeston 31 _2 points) v Thornham Magna A. 33 (5 points).

B Clayton, M Cogdell, C Emans. 14-17.

G Gurnett, B Kilbey, A Roberts. 19-14.


Stowmarket Triples League.

13/6/18 – Thornham Magna 96 (5 ½ points) v Walsham Le Willows 50 (1 ½ points).

B Clayton, M Cogdell, A Roberts. 33-11.

B Hunt, T Emans, L Crick. 35-7.

D Roberts, G Owens, A Hails. 14-14.

J Blake, J Roberts, D Miller. 14-18.



Upper Waveney Triples

15/6/18 – Connaught 75 (5 points) v Thornham Magna 71 (2 points)

B Hunt, A Lister, L Crick. 27-11.

J Norman, M Norman, D Lister. 21-12.

R Waterman, P Cutting, K Crabbe. 17-21.

M Porter, M Crick, B Kilbey. 6-31.




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News & Results 2018 – Week 7 (4/6 to 10/6)

NEWS & RESULTS – 2018 – Week 7 (4/6 to 10/6)

 It was a disappointing week after a somewhat hectic schedule of 7 matches. After saying that, our 2 top teams, the Monday 2Wood and the Wednesday Triples, are still keeping in touch at the top of their respective leagues.

Yes, the Monday team travelled to Great Barton and came away with 5½ points, but was nail bitingly close to going either way at the end. Mo, Andie & Kipp were in trouble up to half way – trailing by 5 shots! They got stuck-in over the second half to provide a good foundation with a 9 shots win. Brenda, Phil & Laurie snatched ½ point after winning only 9 ends from the 21 with a cheeky 4 on the final end. Joy, David L & Mel were the only losing rink by dropping 6 shots over the final 2 ends, but David M, Mads & Colin saved their game with a winning shot on the last end.

After being in a situation of having to replace 4 members from the original line up, the Afternoon A. team set off to Woodfield hoping to come away with at least 2 points and up to the final 4 ends that 2 points was exactly on the cards. However, Geoff, Bob K & Alan felt they were safely home when they were 18-9 up with only 4 ends to go – but Woodfield thought differently!!! They got a 4 on the next end, then Thornham panicked and dropped a 5 on the next – the rest is history! Considering who Bob C, Trish & Moira were up against – Paul Gladwell, Berry & Eddie Hall – they did well! Although they dropped 7 on the first 2 ends, they did keep the shots lost down to a respectable level and if the others hadn’t panicked – we could have even won the match!??

 The Afternoon B. team Played Mendlesham at home and also went down 0-7, but Paul, Chris & John were a little unfortunate in winning 2 more ends that their opponents, but after being 12-8 up at the 14th end, they dropped a 5, then a 4, changing their game dramatically – similar to Geoff, Bob and Alan in the A. team!! Other than getting a 3 on the opening end, Geogina, Nije & Glyn never managed to settle and won only 5 more ends – but not a thrashing it must be said!

Better news from the Wednesday Triples team – and it makes a satisfying change to take a few points away from Haughley! Brenda, Jan & Laurie set the pace with a convincing win by 18 shots – including a 6 on the way! It was a slow start for John, Alan & David M who were 0-6 down after 3 ends, but soon came back with 2 x 4’s to go into the lead and never looked back – that also included a 6 on the way! David R, Glyn & Andie had a bit of a sea saw game, never going more than 1 shot behind until the 14th end when they were 15-10 up. They then had another down period and were 15-16 down going into the final end – then finished victors with a 4! Ann, David L & Colin struggled throughout their game and going into the 17th end they were 8 shots down at 14-22 – oh dear!!! But they pulled themselves together and finished with a 2 and a 5 to finish a respectable second by just 1 shot. Good game – good win – good green!!!

Only 1½ points at long Stratton for the Upper Waveney team. Joy, Geoff & Bob got away to a good start and led all the way to the finish – dropping only 7 ends! Mike, Ann & Mel had a bad start, but managed a 4 and a 5 half way to slip into the lead. They then lost the next 4 ends to go behind again and from there it was “tit for tat” to claim a draw – after winning only 7 ends! It was also a bit up and down for Brenda, Phil & David L and by the 15th end they were 7 adrift. They did win the last 3 ends to gain another 6 shots to lose by just 1 shot. It was Mo, Ray & Kipp who lost their way somewhat and never got into the game. In fact, the closest they got was 0-0 at the start – sorry about that remark guys!!!

It was a different story with the Bullen cup after a resounding win against Walsham Le Willows. It was the 2 rinks of Mike, Phil & Colin plus Brenda, David & Laurie who threw everything at their opponents to claim 59 shots between them. Ivan, Mo & Kipp were also in with a shout going into the 19th end at 18-18, but lost their concentration and dropped 8 shots on the final 3 ends. Joy, Bob & Mel stormed away to be 14-4 up at the 12th and looking for another big win – but it wasn’t to be!! They won only 1 of the remaining 9 ends to lose by 4 shots.

Match number 7 of the week – the Junior Cup against Haughley! Sadly, Mo, Andie & Kipp couldn’t quite repeat their Monday night performance and crumpled under the strain of a busy week. They had a bad start losing the first 4 ends and unable to make up any ground from there on. Brenda, Phil & Laurie had a close game all the way to finish with a draw. The 2 David’s & Mel had a close first half, but lost heavily in the second. However, they did win the final 3 end picking up 7 shots to lose by 3 shots. The only winning rink was that of Alan, Mads & Colin, although that looked a bit dodgy for most of the game. They were 5 down with 4 ends to go, then suddenly found their way to win the last 4 ends and take the game by 2 shots.


Stowmarket 2wood League

4/6/18 – Great Barton 70 ( 1½ points) v Thornham Magna 76 ( 5½ points).

M Lummis, A Hails, K Crabbe. 25-16.

D Miller, M Crick, C Emans. 16-15.

J Norman, D Lister, M Norman. 15-19.

B Hunt, P Cutting, L Crick. 20-20.


Stowmarket Afternoon League

5/6/18 – Woodfield 44 (7 points) v Thornham Magna A. 26 (0 points).

B Clayton, T Emans, M Cogdell. 8-24.

G Gurnett, B Kilbey, A Roberts. 18-20.


5/6/18 – Thornham Magna B. 25 (0 points) v Mendlesham 39 (7 points).

G Owen, N Thomas, G Owens. 10-20.

P Moore, C Manning, J Owen. 15-19.


Stowmarket Triples League.

6/6/18 – Haughley 62 (1 point) v Thornham Magna 89 (6 points).

J Blake, A Roberts, D Miller. 23-16.

D Roberts, G Owens, A Hails. 19-16.

A Lister, D Lister, C Emans. 21-22.

B Hunt, J Adams, L Crick. 26-8.


Upper Waveney Triples

7/6/18 – Long Stratton 69 (5½ points) v Thornham Magna 63 (1½ points).

B Hunt, P Cutting, D Lister. 14-15.

M Lummis, R Waterman, K Crabbe. 10-27.

J Norman, G Gurnett, B Kilbey. 21-9.

M Ling, A Lister, M Norman. 18-18.


Bullen Cup

5/6/18 – Thornham Magna 94 beat Walsham Le Willows 67.

M Ling, P Cutting, C Emans. 25-7.

B Hunt, D Lister, L Crick. 34-13.

I Doe, M Lummis, K Crabbe. 18-26.

J Norman, B Kilbey, M Norman. 17-21.


Junior Cup

8/6/18 _ Thornham Magna 71 lost to Haughley 81.

A Roberts, M Crick, C Emans. 19-17.

B Hunt, P Cutting, L Crick. 17-17.

M Lummis, A Hails, K Crabbe. 17-26.

D Miller, D Lister, M Norman. 18-21.

4/6 to

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