Village Meeting – Thornham Magna

Welcome to the Thornham Magna Village Meeting’s own page. We hope you find it helpful and informative, and we welcome your questions and comments.

Next Meeting on Thursday 22 September at 7.30 in the Village Hall.

Chair: vacantClerk: Tina Schwarz, 01379 788207
Minutes: Jennifer Vaudrey

About our Village Meeting
Thornham Magna has too few voters for the village to have a Parish Council, so we have a Village Meeting. A Meeting is the very bottom rung of the local government system, but it is uniquely satisfying to participate in as every voter in the village is a member and can speak and vote.
The Meeting has limited powers, but recommendations can be made, particularly to the next tier of local government which is Mid Suffolk District Council. We are a precepting body. Officers are elected at the May Meeting which is also the AGM.
Meetings are held three times a year, at Thornham Parish Hall, IP23 8HB usually at 7.30pm on a Tuesday.

Village accounts for 2021 22
Please click here to see the completed forms for the External Auditor.

Planning applications
To view details and comment on applications just enter the village name in the space above ‘search’ before pressing ‘search’ at Mid Suffolk District Council planning applications  From the same source you can obtain email notifications of any new planning applications. If you need tips on how to set this up please ask the Clerk.

Standing orders
Standing Orders and Financial Regulations TM SOs 18 Jan 2011

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